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  1. Hello Joshc, your computer is really nice ! My Se/30 is not very dirty inside I am lucky I need to order the capacitors for the powersupply and analog board and I am going to buy a new rework solder station too
  2. Hello joshc , that looks like a great station that you bought
  3. Hello Marcelv, Thanks and when to this point I hope my hard drive is good Anyway David that's so great info. Marcelv good luck with your machine and keep up the good work
  4. Hello Marcelv, First all nice job on your repair well I lucked out on my Mac Se/30 the battery was still good no leakage and a very minor corrosion as you can see in the photo . Anyway Marcely Did you use Tantalum capacitors to replace the SMD caps my board has 8 sticks of ram
  5. Hello joshc,, what soldering iron are you using myself I have Weller soldering station and it gets nice and hot anyway that's cool that you are also rebuilding a Se/30 too they are like the best machine far as the B/W CRT ones go
  6. Hello guys, yes I also have used the needle idea and does work well I am going to order from mouser some chip quick just making a list for caps for my MAC SE/30 that am going to restore
  7. Hello everyone, I have a sick Se/30 that I need to replace The capacitors and was wondering if I should go with Tantalums instead the SMD style I do see that list of capacitors anyway Trag I am putting mouser order in so I wanted to get these caps on order is there a list of the analog board and powersupply caps or maybe I will take the boards out I also ordering parts for my Atari 2600 Sincerely Rich
  8. nice I have a Apple 2c in my collection
  9. Hello guys, joe did great job and I am just starting to restore my Mac SE/30
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