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  1. How difficult was the surgery? I have it all ready for me but I just haven't felt the urge to sit and tackle it yet. Ive watched enough videos, I think I got a plan but I am not very experience with this kind of soldering. I got to get this done one weekend soon. Any tip or suggestions for me?
  2. Ahh ok very cool. I definitely want a parts kit too when available. Thanks for all the hard work to keep these old beasts alive!
  3. BGE: Sorry, I haven't been following this thread closely as I should have been. Are you offering to sell PSUs or the parts and instructions for us to mod our PSUs?
  4. So I had the same thing happen to one I just got in the mail. Please see my threads... You should find these helpful. I was able to see the remnants of markings on my burnt cap and was able to determine it was this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10pcs-T491C106K016AT-KEMET-Tantalum-Capacitor-16V-10-10UF-SURFACE-MOUNT/313012284846?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 I ordered it and soldiering station but I have not replaced it yet. I did retrobright the plastic pieces of the case and they came out really good. Pu
  5. Oh great tip on the magic eraser. There is a big black scuff down the front, I'll try to remove it with that. I don't think I mentioned before, this 950 has a Metroworks inventory sticker on it. Im really anxious to see whats on the hard drive. Maybe theres some cool code from some product on there. Long shot but even it was marketing there could be something neat.
  6. Yes good call. Will do. This thing may just come together after all. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Alex. All this has been very helpful. I think I'm on the right track... now I just learned I need to watch for two things, the pads and the size of the new cap! I will get on it! Now the only remaining question I have which you may not know the answer too is, I want to clean the case while its apart and retr0brite it but its dirty. I want to stick the case in the dishwasher to clean but I don't want the hot water to melt or warp it. I don't think it will as I've done it with many keyboards but I also cant risk my rare baby like I can a keyboard.
  8. Oh wow. Thanks for that. Glad to know theres someone who's been there before. So you replaced the cap and thats all? Several folks have told me to take off that voltage regulator right above it and test it as it may be the cause. I understand why they would suggest that but I want to do the least amount of work possible here, not (only) because I'm lazy but I don't want to mess anything up. Im no expert with the soldiering iron and I don't want to do more harm than good. The cap being surface mount, I think I can handle that. As far as the cap goes, I believe
  9. Ok, I'll see about getting some distilled water to do it. Now the other part, what to clean it with. I have a medium toothbrushes I could use. The cloth like paper towels will rip. Cloth will get caught on stuff and I don't want to pull anything off or otherwise put strain on it. Some of the components are hard to get in-between. Im guessing the toothbrush is the best bet? Then dry for 48 hours.
  10. I don't want to buy an ultrasonic cleaner. Is there a certain type of business that has these, even if for cleaning other things that I could see if there is any in my town. Do you provide a cleaning service? This is a big board, I just looked up the cleaners and I don't want to spend that for one board. I do have a pm6500 and pm8600 that power on but no chime. They need to be cleaned too but Id rather pay someone to do these than buy the machine and shelve it after these few are done.
  11. I acquired this Quadra 950 from a guy on reddit who cleans out warehouses and he posted on reddit, I made an offer to ship it after some preliminary photos. It was a good deal so I got it. Its quite clean considering it was stored for many years in what I believe was non climate controlled. Some spider webs (a couple spiders, dead) inside. Has the residue all over which indicates its been in humidity for a while. But other than that, good condition. You may have seen my other thread about when I fired it up, a cap blew and I'm in the process if information and part finding to fix that.
  12. Oh I see. I dont want to remove anything I dont absolutely have to. I understand this stuff at a novice level and have dont simple solder jobs (poorly I might add) and I really dont want to damage this thing any further. Today I spent time reading and digesting Trag's post on the SMC capacitors he has for sale and soldering tips. I feel like I can safely remove the burnt capacitor. I may be confident enough to replace it as well but I'm going to have to practice on some old worthless boards laying around. I dont know if I should go that route or find someone to do the job properly and pa
  13. Very helpful. Thanks a bunch. I will get to work on it this weekend hopefully.
  14. Hi, thanks for the info and help. Would you instruct me (or point me to instructions) on how to check that regulator? From what I read in a thread by BadGoldEagle, it could be the PSU going bad putting out bad power. In which case I wouldn't want to reconnect it and attempt any thing more until I know the PSU is good. There is a pricey one on eBay but then again I dont know if its good either. They seem to be known to fail. Also I'm quite excited about this computer. During my middle school years I had a 040 and I literally never had one problem with the hardware so I dont
  15. Well... I dont know if that would have helped in this case, I definitely didn't detect and moisture and its been in climate control for 72 hours but yes you're right... I was more worried about the PSU being bad and putting out voltages that could damage the board, that may be what happened. I disassembled and found the culprit... Please tell me this can be fixed. I think I can solider a new one in place if I can get the right part. I just hope nothing else was damaged in this process.
  16. Hi guys. I dont mean to hijack this thread but in doing some preliminary searches I came across this incredibly fascinating thread and wondered if you guys might tell me what happened when I powered on the 950 I just acquired. Link to my post, I hope I did not damage the board. Im not sure if I have the electrical expertise to do the mod as you suggest. There is a PSU on eBay (for an arm and leg) that I may buy if it will get me running. Thanks for any advice!
  17. Hi Guys, Im new to the forum (and restoring vintage tech) but pretty active in r/vinatgeapple. Last week a gentleman who cleans out warehouses in search of old tech posted on r/vintageapple and had a 950 in his haul. (see album here https://imgur.com/a/ypS1VTJ). I made him an offer and he shipped it to me straight up... The outside is nasty but the board is quite clean. So I attempted an initial power up of the 950 just now. I connected power and pushed the power key on the keyboard (hard drive unplugged form data but hard drive power was connected. The fans raved an
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