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  1. I just changed the Mouser project to reflect the correction. For me, the above hyperlink to the mouser project is working and shows the correct list. Please let me know if further changes are needed. Bama
  2. I really appreciate the part numbers. I have created a Mouser Project / Shopping cart using your recommendations. If someone will test this link and double check my accuracy it will save future users time by being able to click on the link and have a ready filled shopping cart. IIsi Power Supply shopping cart for Mouser Bama
  3. Hi RJC, Did you find the solution? FYI, I had a similar pattern (?”retrace lines?”) after recapping my SE’s Analog board. As part of that process, I unsoldered and resoldered the fly back transformer. I forgot to resolder one pin! When I resoldered that pin, the screen returned to working as expected.
  4. Awesome, thanks y’all!!! I will purchase the that IC and some replacement capacitors and cross my fingers! Bama
  5. Update: I scanned the 840AV YouTube videos by Branchus Creations To look for screens of the U9 IC. I was able to screen capture two examples which look to indicate it’s a TI - 2082C. I was able to find similar on Digi-Key, TLE2082CD. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/texas-instruments/TLE2082CD/296-10444-5-ND/381008 Is this the correct replacement part? Thanks for sharing your experience and insights, Bama
  6. Newbie alert! I need your help. If you are adept at reading schematics and choosing compatible parts, then please share your opinion on U9 in the schematic and the proposed Op-Amp data sheet image. Maybe this sparks a memory of the correct part number...maybe you saw this on another vintage Mac? My Google searches for "Macintosh op-amp""Quadra Op-Amp"or operational amplifier....nada. Searching google images for 840AV and other vintage Mac logic boards only yields blurry pics of 8-pin IC's. Thanks for reading another post in the saga. Bama
  7. I decide to upload a better picture to more clearly display the location. If you have access to a 840AV, please upload a picture of the IC at U9 with the part numbers visible or if you are savvy then please recommend a replacement or where to learn the data for this missing IC. Bama
  8. Hello All, I need your help to identify the IC part number located at U9 on my 840AV logic board. I recently purchased this 840 from eBay as not working and I started removing the leaky SMT electrolytic capacitors. I discovered that the IC at location U9 is missing. Bomarc schematics appear to have it as part of the analog sound circuit for the headphone output. I have uploaded a picture of its Empty location. Please share it’s part number, so I may purchase a replacement. Thanks, Bama
  9. I have two of these adapters. When I installed one into my PB540c, it would only boot from from the ADTX adapter/drive with externally supplied termination power via an external SCSI device. My iterations of different dip switch settings did NOT yield success for me. I sincerely hope that you are successful and I overlooked the “correct settings.” I was considering looking to see if I could modify the adapter board to share +5v from the drive power line to provide the termination power internallly. Thoughts?
  10. Ebay...19mm steel ball bearing... China of course. :-)
  11. 19mm steel ball bearing works terrific! Now I only need a retaining ring. (I don’t want a loose ball bearing bouncing against my glass screen when the lid is closed.) Any ideas for this part in the United States?
  12. Hello All, I need a replacement 19mm trackball. I have a 19mm steel ball bearing. Is this safe to use the metal ball bearing as a replacement? My reason for asking is that I can see what looks like copper at the base of the trackball assembly. I attached a picture. Thanks, Bama
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