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  1. Thanks for posting R12 pictures and resistor value! I actually couldn't find any details on this missing part. I will try to solder in 4.7k resistor and come back with the results.
  2. My attempt to fix the power supply was partially successful. I replaced two diodes (B1045, STPR810D) inside the PSU and I'm getting kinda OK readings without a load (10.8V on 12V line, 4.6V on 5V line). When I attach the load (connect the motherboard) all voltages drop significantly (i.e. from 4.6V to 1.8V). I'm not sure if this is still PSU issue or something on the motherboard is shorted.
  3. I also noticed something weird - there's a missing resistor (marked R12) in my PSU. Can someone confirm if this is by design?
  4. Small update - I replaced all caps in the power supply (except the huge one) but it still doesn’t produce correct voltage. Should I replace the voltage regulators?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I desoldered all caps in the DC voltage section and here's a complete list of values - maybe someone gonna find it useful: C15 - 330uF / 35V C16 - 82uF / 35V C18 - 2200uF / 10V C19 - 1000uF / 10V C20 - 1000uF / 10V C21 - 82uF / 35V C22 - 82uF / 35V All caps are rated at 105 degrees centigrade. Manufacturer is NIPPON, series LXF, which is discontinued. They recommend LXY capacitors as replacement, as they're low impedance and long life-type caps. Unfortunately, I can't find a supplier of those in my country, so I guess
  6. I recently bought a Performa 450 which was in very good condition, no visible leakages, blown-up batteries etc. When I power it on, I can only hear a clicking sound from the speaker. Fan is working correctly. I measured output of the PSU and so far it looks like I'm getting wrong voltage on +12V and +5V lines. It fluctuates around +8.5V and +2.8V respectively. -5V line shows correct voltage though. Do I have faulty voltage regulators or should I recap the PSU? It's one of the Dyna Comp (not TDK). Close-up photos attached.
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