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  1. I have 2 ROMs, but none of them seem to work, as there are no chimes of death anymore. I checked The Dead Mac Scrolls and I couldn't find anything on the Simasimac on the SE/30. Anyways, I lack the expertise to repair this board, and I think I might need someone else to help me repair this motherboard. Either that or I would gladly buy a SE/30 if anyone has any. Thanks!
  2. It boots to the horizontal lines. I tried cleaningthe board with isopropyl alcohol, but it didn't work either.
  3. The thing is, the board doesn't do the death chimes anymore when powered on. What should I do?
  4. Hello, My Macintosh SE/30 motherboard has been having issues since I received the computer in mid July. First of all, it used to turn on and do the simasimac, and death chimes but then I sent it out to MacCaps, and he tried to repair to no avail. It did the same thing when I got it back, so I tried washing the board in 5% White vinegar, but that didn't do anything. Any suggestions? Thanks! -Ryan
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