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  1. Hi! Sorry, I should have said which version I had in my post! I have an SCSI2SD v5.1. Would I need the cable for this? Thanks
  2. @Mighty JabbaThanks a lot, I'll order that now! I'm planning on leaving the HD in place and just hooking up the SCSI2SD for now. After I have it all setup, I'm gonna take it out and get a holder for it! Thanks for all your help with the adapter! I really appreciate it
  3. @Mighty Jabba That's great! Thanks for attaching the name too! Would this one be OK? Does it being dual matter? Thanks
  4. @Mighty Jabba Hi! Thanks for the reply! So, I should be fine leaving that cable disconnected and just hooking the SCSI2SD to the ribbon cable? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone! I'm about to replace my Macintosh SE/30's internal hard drive with a SCSI2SD that I have working with no issues. I opened my machine for the first time today to try and disconnect the old drive and hook up the new one, but I noticed that there is a cable next to the hard drive ribbon cable that doesn't have an equivalent port on my SCSI2SD. This is probably better explained with the pictures below: This is the cable I'm speaking about on my Macintosh SE/30 (the cable on the left is a ribbon cable) IMG_3581.HEIC This is the port on my SCSI2S
  6. @Crutch Hey! Thanks for your reply! Yeah, that’s what I’m looking for. I can get the string/rope thing myself, the keys/metal parts are a little harder to find!
  7. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to find the 1984 Macintosh Security Kit for sale (see the pictures below for what I’m looking for)? I’ve tried looking on eBay, but I don’t think there’s anyone selling them! If anyone could recommend some places that I might be able to find them and buy them, that would be really appreciated! Thank you everyone!
  8. @LaPorta Hey there! Thank you for the reply! There are 7 1.44MB ones, 6 of which are made by Sony (for IBM computers), and the final one made by BT (British Telecom). The 3 2MB ones that are working are made by “InMac Plus 80” and “3M”. I am researching eBay to see if I can get another batch of disks to see if I can test them!
  9. Hey everyone, I’ve got a weird one for all of you that I couldn’t find an answer to online. I was using my SE/30 last night, and I was using some floppy disks I bought off eBay. However, all of the 1.44MB disks couldn’t be initialised by the Mac. I thought that the drive might be broken, but I decided to try one more disk before I go fiddling around inside the computer. I picked out a 2MB disk at random, put it in, initialised it (expecting it to fail), and it worked! I then gathered all the 2MB disks I have and put them in and they worked too. However, when I got all
  10. Hey! I'm trying to find the software that is featured on the cover of the first edition Macintosh Plus manual, which can be found here! It looks like a spreadsheet/charts application, but I can't seem to find anything about it on the internet. Thanks everyone!
  11. @slomacuser That's great! I actually already have PC Exchange installed on the SE/30! That's really great help!
  12. Hey everyone, I recently began working on fixing up my Macintosh SE/30, and I got the floppy drive working again last night (yay!). I would love to get some software over to the SE/30, but I don’t have any other vintage Apple computers to download software and transfer them to the Macintosh SE/30. However, someone on eBay is selling an external USB Floppy Drive (here) for a pretty good price, and I am wondering now if it would be possible to download vintage Macintosh software (from the Macintosh Garden etc.), connect the USB Floppy Drive to my MacBook Pro (2018), tran
  13. Hey everyone, I’m researching SCSI2SDs online, and I found this one here! Just wondering, would this SCSI2SD work with Macintosh SE/30 and be compatible with the software from code/src? Thanks
  14. @LaPortaIs is true that I can initialise the SCSI2SD drive using the Disk Utility on modern macOS? If so, that would be great in case I can’t fix my floppy drive. It’s not the floppy disk drive doesn’t work. It does recognise the floppy disk, but can’t initialise it! I think I need to clean the heads (which I don’t have a lot of experience in!), so I’ll have to find a video online to show me how to do it!!
  15. @LaPorta I actually don't really know. I'll be getting tools soon enough that will let me open the Macintosh and clean the floppy drive. It reads floppy drives, but when I go to initialise them I get the error "Initialisation Failed" and then it ejects the disk! I read online that I need to clean the heads of the drive, so I'll do that and see how I get on! Do my questions above apply to this?
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