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  1. The startup "Bong" is burnt into ROM and cannot be found in ResEdit.
  2. Still...be prepared for pressure. And plenty of it. I helped a friend service a G5 LCS a couple of months ago. I was standing (and looking) in the wrong place at the wrong time...and I'm fairly sure most of the coolant ended up in my eye. I was fine...but it gave both of us one hell of a fright.
  3. Yep, just use an Apple serial cable to connect the two machines, enable AppleTalk on both, and on the 1400, use the AppleTalk Control panel to make sure the Printer-Modem port is selected. Note that the Plus will need to be running System 7 in order to share files. On older versions it can access files shared by the 1400, but System 7 (or a third party file sharing solution) is required to share files from the Plus.
  4. The Techstep that was on eBay recently only went for about 20 euros more than my max bid. Another "one that got away" damnit. Oh well, I'll get my "Holy Grail" one day. Maybe I'll make it a new year's resolution.
  5. Ahh, yes - didn't see that. Just noticed that, I just saw the big round things on the back of the LCD, which I assumed were the 3400/G3's "subwoofers".
  6. Looking at the speakers mounted behind the display, I'm guessing that that one would be a Hooper (3400) or Kanga G3 prototype.
  7. If WLM is to be believed, it'll work on any 2003/2004 G5. Also, moving to the correct forum.
  8. I remember hearing rumours about this back in the day, very cool to now know that they did build such a beast.
  9. If you have a flat PRAM battery, or no PRAM battery and you're running 7.6, the double-boot is normal - the first boot puts the Mac into 32 bit mode (required for 7.6 or later), and reboots it.
  10. Naturally, you want the G3...which leaves us with 2 slots left to play with. If it were my machine I'd probably stick in a better graphics card, as well as a Sonnet Tempo SATA. (neat card, even though it says G3 only, it will apparently work on older Power Macs, and since it emulates a SCSI card its bootable and doesn't need drivers )
  11. Its an...AlBook G4? That is truly something.
  12. Very, very cool...I had no idea these existed!
  13. It'd be interesting to know how much they cost. I'm guessing probably more than a CF -> IDE adaptor and a good CF card.
  14. I have an Apple Australia catalog from around late 1993 that has the Classic II, Colour Classic, LCII and LCIII. That said, I seem to recall that the LCII may have even been available to schools up until sometime in 1994, hence all the manual inject LCIIs that ended up in schools.
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