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  1. I don't know someone see this thread, but I did it! I tried trace the board with the Bolle given me schematics. I know this is not rational trace way. I switched on while praying. and it works!! now my SE/30 can read the internal SCSI HDD, and booted! Thanks for all advices in this thread. Thank you so much! maybe I'll buy SD2SCSI or something else...
  2. I did several tests on SE/30 board. firstly, Internal and external SCSI pins are not connected to SCSI chip. but internal SCSI and external SCSI pins are connected. so I will try solder internal SCSI pins to SCSI chip. I think maybe both SCSI connector is works if solder is succeed.
  3. I tried one more time with that picture. also not connected red marked pins. How to connect these nicely...? Please teach me recommend method.
  4. Is this chip pin assignment is same as the picture? this picture is came from maybe different chip company document as mine. I couldn't find for my SE/30's SCSI controller assignments...
  5. Ugh...I'm not good at tracing... I think I must buy SD2SCSI devices. so maybe I'll buy it soon.
  6. This may not be the answer, I tried trace the board with my cheap multimeter. blue is beep, Orange is nothing. But I can't understand this result means. (sorry I forgot line 36. it is blue)
  7. Thank you for reply! I'm not sure this is a SCSI chip...
  8. Thank you for reply! I used seagate HD (originally installed Macintosh LC. I don't know is this working correctly) Maxtor HD (originally installed accelerated Mac SE and it worked before 2 month ago) Apple's official 40MB HD (I don't know is this working correctly) all HDs are can heard spin noises. Is there problems are possibility to solve by using SD2SCSI or something?
  9. Hi everyone. I'm not English speaker so maybe I can't tell about some problems nicely. sorry about it. Few days ago I bought Macintosh SE/30 with no HDD. it looked some leaking capacitors on the motherboard, so I remove capacitors and then clean the motherboard with dishwasher and dry it out and then recapped. Then boot up SE/30, it looked boot up nicely. She can boot up from internal FDD and external FDD(Floppy Emu). When turn on the power, internal HDD looks spin up and can see blinking access LED. But can't boot up from HDD and can't see from Finder.
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