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  1. Unfortunately I don’t have an external monitor so that can’t test it. Incidentally I think my hd decided it had enough, it boots once out of ten reboot. Poor old chap!
  2. thanks. That thread is quite old and unfortunately didn't bring me any useful answer. On gamba's site I found a nutmeg BW driver but nothing for my board. Either it's a unusual/unsuccessful board or for some reasons it's rare. Fact is, no driver no joy! It's weird I don't find a single reference in the whole net. I hope someone else reading this in the future will have some hints! Thanks.
  3. Hi Guys, some years ago I got myself a lovely se30. It had some problems with the screen, so me and a friend we opened it, fixed it (well, he did it :) ) and in the process we removed an already installed board. I then proceeded to forget about it until now that it came to my attention again. I can't find a single reference to this model everywhere. Either I'm not that good at searching or this board wasn't that good/famous/ whatever. It might help saying that I am in Italy. I'm posting 2 pics. It's obviously a board to connect an external color monitor /any idea
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