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  1. Most of the chips are warm. Not sure what the first stage in the POST process is but have you tried using a ROM SIMM (eg ROMinator or one from an SE/30) to see if it's a built-in ROM problem? Unfortunately I don't have one to hand and ROMinators are out of stock for the time being
  2. Just be way of update I tried an AD-205 VGA adaptor in case it was the monitor. There was some corrosion on some of the chips near the socket end of the board so cleaned this up with a toothbrush + IPA but still nothing Board appears to be getting power through to the parts I checked with a meter. Generally +5.1v and +12v flat which appears fine given no load
  3. Thanks! Good to be here I'm using an M1212 Apple monitor which kind of works on my LCII. Kind of works in that I get a grey screen and sad Mac chime on the LC, so I'm assuming the monitor is working fine. I don't have any alternatives to try out or an adapter I don't know what video card was in there. Only supposition really as the blanking cover is missing and there was a tiny bit of battery gunk on the slot connector so assume something had been there Other than floppy, nothing else is connected to the board. No HD is connected nor extra RAM or VRAM,
  4. Hi Folks, first time poster here. Have a Quadra 700 that powers on, leds, PSU fan spinning, but no video and no chimey. Have replaced the PRAM battery and attempted a reset but it doesn't seem to do anything (assuming I'm pressing the right key combo on this ADB k/b) Any ideas or pointers on likely culprits? Only vintage Mac experience was a SE/30 which I fixed by recapping so this is my first real challenge. Board looks clean apart from a slight bit of the blue stuff probably caused by the Nubus video card that was in there before it got to me. No batter
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