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  1. When I went for the 660AV’s HD I found it was no longer working, hence the long delay here. In the meantime I acquired a LCIII with a working HD The Centris 650 fired right up and just as you said, the green hue disappeared when the extensions started loading. Thanks!
  2. @jeremywork Great idea. I'll try the HD in the 660AV. @AwkwardPotato Thanks for the info on sync-on-green.
  3. Disassembled down to the motherboard. Needs to be cleaned so will try that and look for any loose cap connections.
  4. Just bought an LC III, popped it open and saw corrosion from the PRAM battery. It was worse than I expected and the battery mount/case broke away from the motherboard when I attempted to open it to remove the battery. I spent an hour+ cleaning with qtips and rubbing alcohol. Attached are before and after pics. I’ll have to find a new battery case. I already have fresh batteries ordered. Are there any other chemical agents that I could try to remove the corrosion? I think I see exposed copper on the motherboard. What should I do about that?
  5. Just got done reading this thread: It seems the 650s don’t need to be recapped. So now I’m rethinking the source of the green hue and not booting from the HD. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks. I remember reading about “programmer switches” but I got the impression that they were addons (and usually in the back?). So I’m surprised to see this built in and displayed prominently on the front. Cool! Yes, I’m using an adapter but it’s the kind without switches. When I recapped my 660AV I ran into this green hue problem temporarily and the HD not being recognized was another symptom.
  7. I just bought a Centris 650 from eBay. There are two buttons on the front left. The left button is the reset button, and the right button makes this screen appear. Can anyone tell me about this screen? By the way, the screen has a green hue to it upon start up and it is unable to read the hard drive which I believe are common problems associated with bad capacitors.
  8. I think I was originally being too conservative with the heat setting on my iron. I turned it up, and applied the heat for a little longer than before to make sure the pads and leads both warmed up. Yep, it feels great to have a successful outcome.
  9. I finally got some free time to go back and touch up some solder joints. Works great now! Thanks!
  10. Yep. I have polarity correct.
  11. Recapped my Q660AV with tantalums. Now no chime at startup (can hear a faint click or pop) and no HD found. I get video out, mouse works, but stuck on the grey startup screen with the disk and question mark. Anyone have an idea which cap(s) may be the culprit(s) before I go back and review them all?
  12. Having prebuilt discs with all the goodies is a great idea.
  13. LOL, That’s quite the chain of adapters, and it sounds expensive. I agree the SCSI2SD is more practical (and affordable). I bought 2 32MB SIMMs thinking I was maxing it out. (I read that max ram is 68MB) ... 4MB onboard. Can I really put 64MB SIMMs in it? I’d like to get 132MB!
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