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  1. I opened up an old keyboard I had laying around for awhile to give it a deep clean. I noticed that there is quite a bit of surface oxidation on the metal backplate which I originally had thought was just dirt and grime. Any suggestions on how I should attack this?
  2. I definitely need to check out those Inside Macintosh volumes. The 1992 Human Interface book isn't very focused on color at all anyway, so it probably isn't much different than the earlier versions. I was just wondering if Apples guidelines actually changed over time from what they originally advocated.
  3. Does anyone know if there are substantial differences between the 1992 version of this book and earlier versions? I am interested in learning more about the Apple guidelines for B&W Macs,and I’m not sure if the 1992 edition included all the information in the previous editions of this book (1987 or 1988 I think) or if it’s completely reworked for color/System 7. BTW, a PDF of th 1992 edition is on the vintageapple library dor anyone interested.
  4. OK, thanks. I went ahead and took off the eject gear assembly because I ordered a replacement gear for the fragile one.
  5. Yes, it powered on, and the CRT looked perfect. The HD was making a lot of noise and would never boot. I’ve since torn it down, and the logic board was clean. I took out the socketed purple Tadiran battery (10/1989) without issue. I’m awaiting some supplies to fully service both this SE and my Mac Plus, so I will try to give more updates (beg for help most likely) on both in the near future.
  6. A slight aside, but how much should we tear down a Mac Floppy drive when deep cleaning/lubing? I’m working on my first (Mac Plus) and I currently have a seriously dirty drive in 3 parts—the disk sled assembly, the main board/head/spindle lower unit, and the eject motor/gear assembly. Should I be tearing it down any further or stop here?
  7. I bought an SE FDHD for $40 this week off of Craiglist in California. It’s pretty yellowed, but the case is in good shape besides that. Harddrive won’t boot but the CRT looks good. Finding this machine is actually what prompted me to start this thread. I offered the $40 without knowing whether the machine would turn on because the seller had no power cable and I had to drive 40 minutes to get it (i.e. I was going to buy it, broken or not, once I got there). I wasn’t sure if I was getting over zealous for machines without keyboards and mice, but it was the first local one Ive found in wee
  8. I have to admit I know very little about Mac SE and SE/30 video cards except that some of the SE/30 that allow grayscale are super collectible. Ideally, I would like monochrome extended display on an external monitor with a Macintosh SE, but I would settle for mirrored video if it was significantly cheaper or all that’s available. I doubt it matters but the external monitor would be a composite monochrome 9” monitor I dont currently have an SE/30 but I could try to get one if the right cards don’t exist or are too expensive on the SE.
  9. Macworld April 1984 issue, page 35
  10. I’m not sure if this even really still in debate, but if you look at the very first issue of Macworld magazine, they do a tear-down of the original 128k Mac with detailed photographs. If you look closely, you can clearly see that it has a Samsung CRT. This is pretty strong evidence that Samsung CRTs existed from the factory even in some of the earliest Macs.
  11. I know a LOT of these can be had for free or next to nothing, but I've also seen the opposite with people asking top dollar for a piss yellow untested Mac Plus with no accessories. I realize this is somewhat subjective, but what is kind of the baseline value of an intact compact mac (meaning not gutted but no keyboard or mouse) with no accessories and with a non broken case but that is untested or is known not to boot? What about one that boots? I think I'd be willing to pay $25 locally to save almost any intact compact mac and maybe $40 for any one that boo
  12. Does anyone have any good pics of internal fans on a Mac Plus? I really want to ad a Noctua fan to one in the future. Id really love to see one with some well done additions. Id actually love to get a somewhst junked up platinum plus case and cut an opening for a fan in the side.
  13. In the Larry Pina Mac Repair Secrets book, he says that many people say it’s not neccessary to add a fan when you upgrade the RAM. He disagrees and says those people are wrong and you absolutely should be adding a fan at the time of RAM installation. This might be where you heard it.
  14. Hello, I’m new around here and new to Compact Macintoshes. I’m not sure if anyone is interested, but here’s a pic of my Macintosh Plus logic board with a 16Mhz Brainstorm accelerator. I like this setup because it will allow me to run a beige floppy-only setup, but have some decent performance. The logic board pictured below is out of a Macintosh Plus 1MB (beige) from early 1987. At some point, I’d like to get an SE/30 and maybe another fixer upper Mac Plus to do some mods on. I really enjoy what I’ve read on this board so far, an
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