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  1. Thank you for the reply. I am pretty sure the connection on those holes anyway happen behind the board. The screws make it sure the pcb and power sources are well tight.
  2. Hello everyone, I’m going to copy-paste what already have asked in some Discord about Macintosh stuff. My Quadra 700 does not power on anymore and I’m very sad about it. I did quite nothing, it worked until now. Ps: I did not recap it. But it really scares me since I do not have time, space, will to make it. And honestly I would not even know which type of capacitors I need... Since I opened the PSU (which even worse, today dropped on the ground from my chair! really I’d cry!) I though that might be the problem. I also thought it could be the fact that I attached the monito
  3. Hello again... I wrote a long post until the page refreshed. I’m very frustrated now... Anyway I made the disassembling. What I have now is this: • the liquid was like water, no color at all... • there was little liquid inside • no @BadGoldEagle orange little balls • what kind of hoses they are? Seems very strong and made with two materials. The inside is something like plastic, and outside rubber. • What kind of glue it is? I need the same glue. That’s all...
  4. Thank you all. Yeah, everything is full of dust... And yes, I need to remove it and put some grease on it. I would like to make a “fresh installation” of the System too. How can I do? Unf. I do not have the disks. Would it be feasible to manually remove all the not-original stuff?
  5. Nothing... i tried. I mean, a disk icon with “?” Inside happen until I release the mouse button but nothing more than this...
  6. I have your problem too. What do I have to do? I did nothing yet. After reading your post I tried ejecting it manually with a paperclip but it doesn’t come out. I mean, how Can I remove it!? the drive has some problem, it worked for (its first after decades) three times...
  7. Hi everyone, what is this blueish-green thing on the copper? (Oxidation?) Also, what can I use to remove the glue? And what kind of glue it is?
  8. Just sent the same post two times... apparently I cannot delete it... Since I am here... would someone explain me “what I have done” in the picture above? It was not me, but the old owner. I do not like it though. I am worried since it is the CPU PCB itself.
  9. @kby You wrote about testing the LCS connecting it directly to its wire. What about those holes in the CPUs PCBs? I mean they are always power related... I do not want to make something wrong. Thanks
  10. Guys, another thing... what can I do for these? Ps: do you suggest me to change the thermal compound on the North Bridge too? How can I check its temperature?
  11. Yeah, sure... but I expected something more "important"... I’m going to replace them anyway though.
  12. Thank you @BadGoldEagle Anyway I saw the screws have a "limit” (you cannot tighten them in infinite) and that’s the reason why I asked. I’m thinking maybe they were not tighten enough. About the o-rings... yeah but the pressure is between the copper and the little aluminum plate. Which is "unusual”? Strange anyway. But I’m thinking LOL if they were put there for assembly only.
  13. Mhm... yeah... are you sure about it? And then, why putting them at all? (I found they are useless too. I mean, I cannot see their functionality) Another thing, when putting the screws with the springs (the one that attach the CPU PCB to that metal plate behind the copper liquid thing) should I tighten them until the screws stop?
  14. Hello there! I’m finally approaching to the fixing of my G5. I noticed I missed the orings... would you tell me what’s their scope and if they are truly needed?
  15. Yes, I would like the 7.5.3 version... I could have but I really do not need them. I’m taking the Quadra since I want to develop some programs for System 7. It’s a good price IMO and I would like to take it. The problem is it doesn’t power on!!! Instead I need it in working conditions. I can take a working LC475 for 50% more and a working Quadra 700 for 100% more (than the Quadra 950). What would you do? i’m undecided since yes, I need a working machine, but I cannot spend too much for it!
  16. Hi, thanks for replying. I’m getting a Quadra 950 and the owner sells the original floppy disks with Manual apart from the Macintosh. So I’m undecided about buying them too or if I can live without them. As I said my real and only need is to be able to perform a fresh install of the Mac System. (I would like the 7.5). No matter if it can be done using online files or original copies. The question could be put like this: can I do a fresh System 7.5.3 install using a CD and files from the web? Or, instead, I need the original floppy disks (Install 1
  17. Really really cool! Great job!
  18. Hello everyone. Thank you 360alaska for writing this and documenting the process carefully. I think I have to do the same job to my Quad too. I’m in the testing phase. I’m getting #2 and #7 LEDs on too and fans are crazy, very very loud and scary. The Mac starts, then blocks. I‘ll update you. Although I’m not going to do it soon. (time, space and money issues!!) PS: I’m trying to keep everything updated here: https://mepypower.blogspot.com I think I will steal some informations (as much as I can honestly) from this thread so to keep things organized and in one single place. If you want
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