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  1. Any luck with the solution? I've got a Macintosh SE with the exact same error code. This model had a modem in its expansion slot and has worked flawlessly for a couple years. It did have a bit of a shaky screen during those years. It then sat for 1/2 a year, and I then used it a little bit for a month or so, and then stopped using it for another half year, and then when I returned, this error popped up. I've tried taking out the modem card, scrubbing the MB, and swapping out ram in all sorts of combinations (it had 4MB installed... 2 original sticks, 2 aftermarket ones). Different
  2. So I've got a Macintosh Plus -- when I got it, it would not boot at all or do anything when switched on. However, I scrubbed the motherboard once and it's worked flawlessly for 2 years albeit a noticeably loud mains hum (and clicky 800k drive... but according to dead mac scrolls, it is an ignorable issue) Now the thing still powers on, however it will just randomly reboots for no reason (beep, black screen, blinking ? floppy screen, an then proceeds to boot from my Floppy EMU. This will happen over and over again. The more the mac has been on, the frequency of these reboots go down
  3. I mean this is not a G3/G4/G5... but it goes along with this and it's an interesting little fact. In the official Macintosh Plus manual that came with the computer, there's a page in it that says this:
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