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  1. If only there was an affordable Apple Lisa 2 replica, the sapient boards are way too expensive and would probably cost as much as a complete original system on eBay. If not an actual one, I would probably be satisfied with emulation, if a better Lisa emulator existed (LisaEm is not 100% compatible, thus it is not a true "emulator"). Edit: Imagine creating a wooden case for the Lisa instead of a plastic one
  2. @snuci That's really cool :D! I can imagine that with proper labels and machine-cut edges, it could hold up as a working twiggy disk replica!
  3. Sorry it took a while to respond, I finally got around with trying out the patched version of the extension (with thread manager 2.1 installed), and am greeted with a system error: "Finder" Address Error. Any suggestions?
  4. @Michael_b, is the new file the @ants sent you working with your SE? If so, I might install it as well.
  5. I will try to test the extension with the thread manager this weekend. The stupid serial transfer keeps messing up and is deleting the last 100 bytes I may just have to use my Kryoflux Card. Also @Michael_b, did you configure your network properly? You have to go inside the network control panel and select your card/device, then you go into MacTCP and set your static IP address within the router’s range. The other important part is to set your DNS name to “.” And the address to the router’s gateway. One other thing, can you get any internet access, or is it just the extension
  6. Thanks for the update I will try this as soon as I can on my SE. I will let you know what the results are
  7. Actually, Is it possible to use NCSA Telnet to connect to a BBS using only ethernet and an internet connection?
  8. @Michael_b That seems to be a feature of many modern OS's and might apply to old ones too, but when connecting my Macintosh to a BBS, I currently have to: 1.) Connect a serial cable to my modern PC and the Mac 2.) Run TCPser on the modern computer to a select port # and speed. This makes it emulate a Hayes Modem (Bridging the PC's Wifi and the Macintosh) 3.) Open up a terminal emulator like Kermit to the mentioned speed and Serial port. 4.) Open up the terminal's command window and use the dial command (followed by the BBS and port number) 5.) You are connected to a B
  9. What I meant by "telnet support" is that I want to be able to connect to a BBS without using serial cables and use WiFi instead. If it doesn't exist already, I was hoping that the extension could forward the commands given by the terminal emulator and transmit data (with the router acting as a modem for this setup)
  10. Actually @ants, when the SE problem is fixed, is it possible to add telnet support? If this is already a thing (a quick Google search brings up the WiFi Modem product) please let me know. Since the RS-232 WiFi Modem connects to Routers, it should be possible for an OpenWRT device to support telnet and Hayes AT commands (Since the router is really a bridge). Edit: TCPSer evidently works with OpenWRT (can be installed as a package).
  11. Thanks for the reply. I can also second on telnet servers being a better option. MacKermit seems to do a decent job at this (no ANSI Emulation though ). I might be able to use WiFi to connect to a BBS instead of a constant serial connection. I am sure I can find a way around this
  12. Actually @Michael_b, which browser will you/are you using for your Macintosh SE? NCSA Mosaic looks like an better option than MacWeb (due to HTTP protocol support). If you know of one that will work better, please let me know.
  13. That makes more sense now, I will probably switch to a different browser for the Mac. As for MacTCP, I hope support is added soon (if you add it, please add support for 2.06 or later).
  14. I’ve had this exact problem with my Macintosh SE and System 7.1 no logs, no WiFi. I have at least gotten some internet access (Google and YouTube). But not access to .org sites and no WiFi settings coming up. I can verify that MacTCP does work though. I have given up for the most part. Unless someone can figure this out, no walking into Starbucks with a Macintosh with WiFi
  15. I have recently bought an OpenWRT router and a Farallon Ethermac for my Mac SE. I then used this method to connect it to the internet: So far, I have been able to get internet access to websites such as google.com and youtube.com, but am unable to access websites such as ccadams.org and wikipedia.org. I tried deleting my preferences files for my browser, but it didn't change the situation. It would be nice to have access to these domains so I can browse older websites. In addition, I tested the router I was using to connect to the internet on my modern PC, and it worked great
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