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  1. It did take quite a long time with a multi-meter to find the broken line, what I did was print out a schematic and mark off everything I checked one-by-one. When I found the broken line, I managed to fix it with a little bit of solder without needing a bypass wire.
  2. @Bollewas spot on, I ended solving my issue by fixing broken traces on the motherboard.
  3. Hi, I got an SE/30 in rough condition and am trying to fix it. The previous owner did the recap but said there was significant corrosion damage. When booting, there is no chime and the screen is as shown below. Any idea where to start? I tried reseating the RAM and ROM since I didn't hear a chime, but that didn't work. Since there seems to be a some capacitor gunk still on the board, I was thinking about sticking the logic board in a dishwasher, drying it out, and then to start checking traces. Thank you!
  4. Ah, the bus termination wasn't correct, that fixed it! Thank you @cruff
  5. Has anyone had luck getting the SCSI2SD to work as an external CD-ROM drive? I've got a SCSI2SD 5.1 connected externally to an SE/30, and what I'm trying to do is use it to install A/UX 3.0.1. I used ApplePI Baker to copy the ISO and used scsi2sd-util to set the drive as a CD-ROM on SCSI ID 3, but the A/UX floppy boot disk can never find the drive. Any ideas?
  6. Thank you @Bolle for your insight, I will try to check all the address lines. If one of them does have an intermittent connection, what's the appropriate fix?
  7. I bought an SE/30 which had the Simasimac symptoms, so I got the logic board recapped. The mac boots successfully now, however the screen has a strange flickering and garbled display. Any ideas what could be the culprit?
  8. @megabyte I'm encountering the same issue on my SE/30, just curious, did you ever fix yours?
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