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  1. I personally like to use velcro verses sticky tape to secure my SCSI2SD inside my Mac IIci
  2. IMHO as good measure while you have the board out to do a recap, I always touch up the solder joints, especially on connectors. It only takes a few seconds and saves time down the road in having to pull the PCB again. I like to get in there, do the repair, get out and not look back
  3. So a friend of mine found a game called Sky Shadow that came out in 1990. It's done by the same folks who did Crystal Quest. The game is in color and uses 16 color mode. It reminds me a lot of Scramble and is really fun!
  4. Nice. Dark Castle in B&W is nice, however in color it's really awesome!
  5. Indeed, that's the monitor I'd want to get, however IMHO that specific listing seems a little rich on price, especially the shipping, unless $200 +/- shipped is the going rate for that specific monitor.
  6. Thank you for the list of games. I'm pretty new to the IIci but so far loving this machine. I've got it upgraded to 128mb RAM, I've recapped the board, cleaned up the case and added a SCSI2SD card. Last night I actually cleaned and lubed my floppy drive, so now that's a happy camper too. As for sticking an 040 in it, I'd love to do that but don't want to pay an arm and leg for one. I'd also like a proper Mac IIci CRT for my machine, but for now just using a LCD with a adapter until I can find a decent CRT.
  7. Thank you @Cory5412 for the reply and feedback. I've been doing the same myself (running with default settings) to play it safe, Interesting on the virtual memory. Since I have no real limitation on available hard drive space now, I should do some benchmarks and see if I notice any difference with it on or off. I'm pretty new to Macintosh machines but been a Apple IIe user since I was a kid, however I want to make my Macintosh IIci the best it can be heh. This site has been a wealth of information in my learning process. I am curious to hear additional feedback from mor
  8. I recently upgraded my Macintosh IIci to 128 MB RAM and added a SCSI2SD setup with a 2 GB SD card (I've retired my 80 MB hard drive), so now I have plenty of RAM and hard drive space which is nice. I'm also using the built in video until I can find a decently priced Nubus video card and my machine has the 32KB cache card installed. With the above in mind I'm looking for suggestions on the best settings for memory, like disk cache size and virtual memory size so my machine will run nicely. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Thank you @trag and @nglevin for the suggestions.
  10. I'm pretty new to the world of gaming on a Macintosh IIci but have really started to enjoy the machine, especially playing Crystal Quest in color. It's so much nicer looking IMHO running on my IIci verses my Mac SE/30. As for specs on my IIci computer, I'm using the built in video and my machine has 32 MB RAM and also the 32KB cache card. So here is my request, I'm looking for a decent list of games that have Macintosh IIci color friendly versions. What I'm hoping for is a chronology of when games came out (year wise) to help figure out what would run ok on my semi stock Macint
  11. @SE30_Neal I would love to be able and get my SE/30 online, however I don't currently have a networking card solution for my machine. Any recommendations that won't break the bank?
  12. Thank you for the information Bolle. Much appreciated.
  13. On the back of my board it has 2MB and 4MB with 2MB checked in the little box. I'm running 7.1. I'm pretty new to the Mac world with my SE/30. What's the advantages of OS 7.5.5 over OS 7.1?
  14. It's the 2MB version. I don't think the larger one is being made anymore.
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