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  1. This is so fun to watch from the sides. Extreme kudos to Kai, may you stay engaged in your momentum.
  2. I may or may not have been exposed to it. With this and Déjà Vu from Rubicon Publishing, what was up with tile matching games in that year??
  3. Into the 9 pin connector for the mouse. It's my own arduino based gamepad I made with a 3d printed casing, inspired by this thread.
  4. v interested in getting the pdf version as well. I have an ISO of a CD full of mactech articles running in my Basilisk II setup, but I'm not sure how complete it is (probably not) the only thing I've done with the menu bar is under System 6 and below, to hide/reveal it, here's my source code for it. Gotta love incompatible exact memory locations: https://mu0n.github.io/ForayInto68k/code/NoMenuBar.c.txt I'll be interested to see the result when you get there.
  5. Again, I don't have the adapter, that image was taken off the net.
  6. I've figured out (sometimes remembered) stuff: -The color mode the Monitor is set to matters in terms of pixel depth and how much data is dedicated to it in System 7 when you attempt to do this direct data manipulation. Everything became easier when I set it to 1-bit B&W -I don't *need* to develop for color System 7 but it makes development so much faster to do it at least temporarily -Apple discourages direct tampering of the GrafPort for this reason probably, but we have righteousness and hindsight on our side! -The stride calculation didn't work as a short wh
  7. Today, I can finally make the C-style manual copy work on both mini-vMac and a regular ol' hardware Mac Plus with satisfying fluidity - way bigger than I had with CopyBits. The GrafPort in BasII on my Win10 machine is stubborn and shows weird results and fills the top few lines with black, although it no longer crashes anymore. The emulator's width resolution, happens to be 1536 pixels and I suspect I must do special bigger jumps from line to line. Back to the debugger and my trusty SpeedCrunch calculator which switches from decimal to hex on the fly!
  8. Wait, don't these bitmaps work such as baseAddr points to the first int or long (however we want to parse it) associated with the top left area and progresses towards the bottom right in the normal English reading direction? Your code assumes the baseAddr is the very last one of the bitmap and you have to backtrack to the beginning stack style (or was it heap style?) . I was sure it wasn't that but I'll second guess myself and seek this out to verify.
  9. /* add left/32 and top*(512/32) */ register long *dest = ((long *) screenBits.baseAddr) + (dstRect.left >> 5) + (dstRect.top << 4); I'm getting crashes during the looping copy, as is standard C pointer fare I've tried long and hard and I can't wrap my mind around these additions. Why wouldn't the destination pointer address just be at the baseAddr?
  10. Thanks for those tips. I more or less walked through the same topic about 15 years ago. Measuring ticks timings (with TickCount because I'm limiting myself to System 6) made this obvious because 2 CopyBits operations were ramping up in the 27 or so Ticks range (each 1/60th of a second). Taking so long will of course not remove any tearing or flickering under most environments. I also remembered that Creepy Castle has near full screen extremely smooth scrolling, making it super obvious that even CopyBits, even with multiples of 4 bytes of width is not the way to go. I'm no
  11. Context: I'm trying to refresh a Mac Plus' whole screen 512x342 (for starters..., I will reduce that size going forward) by installing a VBL Task whose purpose is to CopyBits the contents of an offscreen bitmap to the screen bits of what is shown. Of course, the best way to do this is to limit the rectangle size of data to be copied over to be as small as possible and only refresh what's truly moving - I know about that. I also know that the routine gets faster if you use a rectangle width that's a power of 2. However, I want to see if it's feasible to get it smooth first in the worst case, th
  12. I don't mean to be dense, I'm honestly curious, but first, here's where I'm coming from - 2 years ago, I noticed my best Mac Plus (platinum, 4 mb RAM) was no longer booting, so I recapped it and realized that the ROM was faulty, as I had another Mac Plus in working order, so a swap of the ROMs worked. I eventually equipped myself with the TL866 II plus everyone has, and not knowing all too much about EEPROM writing, I stumbled upon a batch of Winbond W27C512-45Z and tried it out after figuring the hi-lo split. It worked. What is the exact advantage of the PCB you're doing here? T
  13. Things I had done after my post but before yours: -Make a BNDL resource with ID=128 -Transfer what I had in ICON to ICN# with ID=128 -Link the ICN# to the BNDL -Use a unique signature in the BNDL -Use the same signature in the whole resource file info, 'Creator' field -Check the 'Has Bundle' checkbox in the file info What I hadn't done: -make a 'STR ' resource It still doesn't work. I'm trying to hold cmd-option down while I load basilisk, but it's having no effect. However, it's not clear which combination of left/right windows
  14. I'd like for my built C application to have a custom icon polled from a resource file during the building step. I successfully did it some 15 years ago for a mock project I was doing, but I don't remember how I did it or what I'm missing. Here's what I'm using: 1) System 7.5.3 under Basilisk II 2) Symantec C++ 6.0 (THINK C Project Manager) 3) My project name doesn't end with .(pi symbol) because this particular configuration of emulator and my own Windows 7/10 installed keyboard languages doesn't allow for using option-P to produce that symbol. I used to do it
  15. Phenomenal job! That's a lot of skills and equipment in many different areas to make this a reality. How do you find the emulation on a pi4? I notice the smoothness of the mouse cursor moving around is noticeably less than in real hardware. In many games, it's not a big issue, but for stuff like Shufflepuck café, it starts to show. I wonder if your emulator can tweak its values to improve upon it.
  16. I can't find that string in CODE1 but I could find it in CODE3. I swapped it only there, using ResEdit (my Resorcerer skills aren't high enough to do it with that). It seems to work fine with just CODE3 modified, is that expected?
  17. I've tried patching a duplicate of Winter Games with your tool and I got this:
  18. Well done Zydeco. I haven't forgotten about this thread even though I have been neglecting this forum for a while. It's currently a wild ride teaching remotely in this semester. I'll have to absorb as much knowledge as I can so I can apply it to Déjà Vu from rubicon soft.
  19. Livin' the dream man! Do you plan to make fresh MIDI music as well with a modern DAW?
  20. I recently used buyee to get a Roland SC-88ST from Yahoo Auctions. The removal of any communication hassle with the seller is a must if you don't know japanese, all for a small fee of a few hundred yens (worth it).
  21. I got the cheapo USB cable on FB marketplace, the one with 1 USB leading to a tear shaped black box with a white musical note printed on it and 2 midi cables (in and out). It must have a shoddy design because it didn't allow everything I wanted. It's the knockoff model you can see everywhere on eBay and Alibaba. Works: -simple dosbox playback with a hardware MT-32 Semi-works: -simple dosbox playback with a hardware SC-88ST, it occasionally glitches with quadrupled notes seconds into a playback and the reverb just piles on, creating an awful mess
  22. Thanks, but I'm good messing around with my 486 or inside LMMS on my modern windows machines. Using concertware or cubase on the ol' mac is purely optional for me. I can wait.
  23. nice find! I was searching for those in the last weeks in reverb.com and could only find $40+ ones with another $40+ in shipping. Who knows how much more gouge I would have gotten since it would have to cross the border. I'll just casually wait to meet my father, hehe.
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