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  1. Great work! I will have to try this out on my Plus with macweb and Mosaic. I was using macproxy before and it worked but had many bugs and was aging fast with little updating. This in conjunction with FrogFind and a faster RaSCSI Ethernet NIC emulator, should produce the best web browsing performance/experience that a 68000 machine can offer.
  2. I want to put an accelerator in my plus. Will this work? Or is it just for an SE? https://www.ebay.com/itm/203088494954
  3. Being that it is very rare to find hardware upgrades for a mac plus, is there any programs/extensions that anyone can recommend to improve the speed or memory of a 68000 mac or am I just dreaming? I have heard of things like RamDoubler but do these programs actually work? I am trying to get the best performance out of my mac plus that I can. I already have 4 MB of RAM and am booting off of a SCSI2SD. Thanks!
  4. I am trying to get adobe acrobat 1.0 to read modern PDF files at least somewhat. When I try to open a modern PDF, it says that there is some issues with either the font or format or something. Does anyone know a way to make modern PDF files comply with the original standards of acrobat 1.0? Some very simple files will open but not many. Thanks!
  5. I’m looking for a copy of AOL 2.6 so I can test out the dated web browser with my proxy server. But I can’t find it in a form that StuffIt 4 will expand. All copies that MR has don’t work. It would be nice to be able to download the disk image but Ik that’s asking a lot. Thanks!
  6. So I went to start my Mac plus this morning and a bunch of weird things happened. The Mac didn’t recognize my SCSI2SD (which usually works) and the power light on my Asante EN/SC wasn’t lit. I rebooted it and all worked fine. Until... The printer (an ImageWriter II) started printing a bunch of random characters while the computer was booting. I thought that maybe this was because AppleTalk was selected in chooser. I changed this and rebooted. The printer stopped the crazy characters. But the weirdest problem of all that I still can’t seem to wrap my head around is the f
  7. Does anyone know where I can find some sort of accelerator for my slow Mac plus? I don’t care how small the improvement. Is there a possible way to build one like a brainstorm?
  8. So I’ve been playing with my Mac plus a lot recently and I’ve noticed this high pitched whistle that the machine makes when I turn it on (it also appears seemingly out of no where while in use). I read some forums and consulted the dead Mac scrolls; I think it’s either the fly back transformer or the width adjustment has gone bad. Everything else on the computer seems functional but I’m told that this issue could get worse. I want to purchase the right parts but I need help finding them. It’s my understanding that the newer “C” type transformers are more reliable. Please help! here
  9. I made sure to let gmail use less secure applications. I’m certain now that Eudora is not sending the smtp authorization that stunnel requires to send mail to gmail. I’m currently looking for a service/program that I can run on my raspberry pi that will add in the smtp credentials for stunnel as I believe I can’t do that within stunnel itself.
  10. I had a Mac plus working with a raspberry pi using the serial connection from the gpio on the board. A dB-9 level shifter and a dB-9 to mini din serial cable gets the connection going. Then just set up serial console and you can access the terminal (and lynx) from ur Mac.
  11. The clicking noise might be the disk drive. Does it stop when you insert a floppy?
  12. So I just got stunnel working on my pi so I can now read my gmail on my Macintosh Plus using Eudora Lite 1.x! There is one problem though, I cannot send emails because of what I believe to be a security problem. I am not sure what's wrong but I get this error message (see below) when the mac tries to send emails to stunnel. I think stunnel is expecting the messages to already be secured or it is expecting smtp authorization. I am not sure how to fix this as I have very little IT background, hopefully someone here smarter can help! Thanks. PS: I also attached an image of my stu
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