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  1. Lol, now this has got me wanting to collect netbooks... Too bad it's only getting amazing as all the manufacturers are phasing out their netbook lines in favor of tablets and convertibles... Sure, we still have ultrabooks, but it just isn't the same. Seems $399 is starting price for a "subcompact" laptop these days. I might just look for an older Thinkpad Edge or something.
  2. I'm pretty sure I could run it on the Acer Aspire One I had around the same time as when this one was built. (although it looked to be about an inch wider, but a lot thinner!) I was hoping maybe I just hadn't found the right graphics drivers since the screen always looks squished, like it's a 4:3 screen stretched to fit widescreen. Either way I guess I could just put DOSBox on it or something... I might see if a friend of mine will swap his Mini 9 for this one.
  3. I might try upgrading to 7... I really wish I could use it as a light gaming machine, but GTA III won't even run on it. :c
  4. I finally got XP on it, can't go Linux because I plan on using it as a diagnostic companion for my New Beetle when I get it. (The tool only runs in Windows.) I can't upgrade to a higher version because it only has one gig of RAM, it can take two but I don't have a 2GB for it. :c
  5. Not sure how folks around here handle non-Mac stuff being conquested and whatnot, but today I "traded" (More like was constantly buggered into trading...) my Thinkpad x61t for my sister's Dell Inspiron Mini 10. It's the Nickelodeon edition, which I'm not really a big fan of... I plan on ordering a stock blue lid and regular palmrest if I keep it. It also needs a new keyboard. I have been having a little trouble with something, namely the wireless drivers. I got Windows XP Pro SP3 on it VIA USB, but it didn't detect my wireless card and none of the drivers from the Dell support page for
  6. Thanks! And yeah, I love the iBook line, so I guess it's only natural that I love these too! If I don't end up having to sell the Thinkpad back to pay off eBay, I plan on using the MacBook for light video editing and the like as the built-in iSight records videos far more fluidly than my USB Logitech webcam. (Although at near the same grain level!) I plan on getting it professionally cleaned and re-greased eventually when I have the money, so hopefully that'll keep it smooth for a few more years while I polish my skills on a few more common and easy to repair models. XP As for the upg
  7. Definitely! The battery still gets about three hours of charge. It isn't the original, but IMO that's excellent for a laptop from 2006, as is the performance. It runs Spiral Knights (A game some friends and I play together) just as well as my 2.4GHz/4GB Thinkpad does, and honestly as of late my gaming doesn't get much more demanding than that. I may very well do a "week/month/year on an old computer" challenge type thing with it. Any tips on keeping it in good shape? Advice on how to use it without eventually breaking the palmrest?
  8. UPDATE!!! After attempting to repair the keyboard, failing, panicking and thinking I had destroyed it (Turns out I just had the RAM in wrong!) I decided the Pro wasn't for me and that it belonged with someone who has the skills to put it back in top condition. I swapped the Pro to Anonymous Freak for his boxed black 2006 MacBook. Not sure what condition the box was in before he sent it, but when I received it, it had marker all over it and the corners have been bashed in. Regardless, everything inside (With the exception of the magsafe but it still functions! ) was in excellent condition,
  9. Ooh, a PC in an iMac case? Always wanted to do this! I've wanted to make a gaming PC... Perfect union of function AND form. <3
  10. Makes me think of things like the flower power iMacs, and I KIND OF like it, haha! Shame we can't get repro clear outer shells and have the patterns on the inside... Maybe with a dim light shining inside. (It'd be an interesting way to revive compacts with bad plastic!)
  11. Haha, thanks! : D It actually already has Mavericks on it from the last owner but I think they left a 10.7 install image on the desktop.
  12. FINALLY, nearly a year (or perhaps longer than a year?) after that white MacBook failed to show up in the mail, I've managed to nab SOMETHING Apple with an Intel chipset... As the title implies, it's a 2008 MacBook Pro non-unibody. 2.4GHz, 3 GB of RAM and a 200GB hard drive... No powerhouse by today's standards, but you take what you get. Swapped an xBox 360 and a couple of busted Thinkpads I got a long time ago for it. I'm gonna' miss the xBox, but this is an itch I've wanted to scratch for a while now... Now who has a 2009 polycarb MacBook or an Air they'd swap for it? Lol. Pics upo
  13. I almost had complete, working Plus with a printer as a swap for my DualUSB but the two hour drive killed that deal, and I once almost had two G4 towers for $10 each. I think generally people overprice Macs because they think they can fool less intelligent people into thinking a ten year old machine is a supercomputer, in fact that's sort of kind of not really what happened when I bought my first, the DualUSB G3. People spend their entire lives on Windows and then they get curious... "What's this whole Mac thing like?" they say to themselves, "I bet it's completely different!" they say, "s
  14. Alright, so I got Jrus' 600E and I was testing out a Windows 2000 CD on it (Until I find OS2) and I couldn't get anywhere because the enter button doesn't work. I have a spare from one of the parts laptops, but the issue is that one of the screws on the bottom of the laptop you have to unscrew to get the palmrest area to seperate is stripped. Any tips on getting past this?
  15. Yeah, I was afraid of that... That's gonna' make it a lot harder to get an OS onto it. :c
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