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  1. And there it is, extra metal bracket. Thanks very much for that.
  2. I just have 2 SE floppy holders: the 2 metal tabs of the lower drive stick into the main cage and then the 2 metal tabs of the upper floppy stick into the lower floppy which is great but there's nothing to secure the other end of it if it's not flat. You could swing it around and jostle it. I guess I'll have to hunt for the special bracket. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Who's got the double floppy version of the SE? How is the top floppy secured to the bottom one? I'm rigging up my own & it's not immediately obvious to me. I've looked for photos of it but no luck yet.
  4. thanks for that link. i'll check out the cable.
  5. Would this be something that might be fixed by replacing capacitors?
  6. Yup, checked the thickness lever, no effect.
  7. Yup double checked that with both of them.
  8. I’m resuscitating an ImageWriter II (not sure why but I am). It prints blank pages, incl. from the self test. I’ve bought new ink ribbons/cartridges (which put ink on my fingers so don’t think they’re dried out) and a print head. Nuthin’. Still blank. It responds to a Mac and prints what I send it but it’s blank. I haven’t pulled any PCBs out yet to look at caps. Will some dead capacitors actually allow it to power up and go through the whole process but prevent it from putting ink on paper? Would blank pages only mean that the 2 print heads I’ve tried are actually dead?
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful.
  10. Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere. Am I correct in thinking that you can put an LC II motherboard in an LC I case (& vice versa) but you can’t do that with an LC III?
  11. Fantastic, I’ll take at least one of the IIsi versions, if not more after every one else has one.
  12. +1 on VERY interested in ordering when it’s ready.
  13. Thanks very much. I’ll check all that out.
  14. I have a Umax J700 and its power supply (Seasonic 250gpx) seems to be dying. Does anyone know about these? - Are they easily replaced with newer PSUs? If so, how do I determine which one is best? - It has a 12-pin connector whereas later PSUs have 24. Can a newer PSU be used with an adapter? - Is it mostly capacitors dying that kills PSUs and those could be replaced to revive it instead of trying to replace it? Appreciate the help.
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