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  1. Did the same. 1 cap replaced brought it back to life.
  2. I finally got around to recapping just one cap in my Plessey PSU: C9, 10uf 400V, and it worked. Good to have a backup PSU.
  3. Yeah, no uncontrolled attics or basements and not too close to an A/C unit!
  4. Putting a bunch of compacts into storage for a while. Removing batteries, ram & drives. All recapped. Is it safe to put packing materials around the tv tube? Any risk of anything getting warm in storage? Any better ideas for storing compacts?
  5. I know. Mine is finally safe from coyotes who want an early USB card.
  6. Well whooda thought... I can even use it myself... thanks for the info.
  7. I got a box of Apple parts, all of which I recognize except this. Is this even an Apple part? It has 815-2456 on it which produced no web search results. Anyone recognize it?
  8. You’re thinking of this? I’m trying to find something to attach this: to this (or on a motherboard):
  9. Is there such a thing as an adapter to mount a powerbook floppy drive with flat ribbon connector on a Mac desktop with 20 pin connector? I haven't been able to find one on my travels yet.
  10. I'm trying to clean a machine with brittle plastic that I need to bend to clean the parts properly. I was wondering if there wasn't some kind of chemical you could put on it to strengthen it, even temporarily?
  11. I have mine open now finally if you still need capacitor info.
  12. I finally bought a drill & popped mine open. Were you able to fix this psu by just replacing that one capacitor or does the diode next to it need to be replaced as well?
  13. Great. Thanks for the info. Might not be worth “converting” one. Easier to sell & replace probably.
  14. Ah. So it’s the analog board + the PSU?
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