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  1. I have mine open now finally if you still need capacitor info.
  2. I finally bought a drill & popped mine open. Were you able to fix this psu by just replacing that one capacitor or does the diode next to it need to be replaced as well?
  3. Great. Thanks for the info. Might not be worth “converting” one. Easier to sell & replace probably.
  4. Ah. So it’s the analog board + the PSU?
  5. Could someone confirm that all you need to do to convert a 128K, 512K or Plus from US to European current is to recap the analog board with “intl caps” like Console5 sells and get a European PSU? Is that sufficient or are there more parts to swap out?
  6. My picoPSU-80 I bought for the macTX doesn't work anymore. Luckily I bought 2 of them and the 2nd one works so I was able to determine that it's not macTX that's broken. It's this one: https://www.mini-box.com/picoPSU-80 Any one else had a problem with these? I can't see any obvious disconnection points. Any chance that 80w isn't enough? Should I use a 120w one instead? I haven't tried to get it replaced by mini-box yet.
  7. Note this thread where they say it’s a Magnetek and the photo shows the board with Plessey on it.
  8. It’s the Sony one that has screws. The Magnetek one has rivets.
  9. I have a Magnetek which I’ve been trying to open. It uses rivets instead of screws. Does yours have rivets and how did you open it? If I can open mine, I could see if the board is similar and maybe which caps you’re missing.
  10. Has anyone successfully brought a QuickTake camera back to life by recapping it? Are there other things to try before recapping? Or some caps that are more likely to fail than others? I’ve pulled my 150 apart, a lot of tiny screws & some desoldering. God knows how I’ll get it back together. I took photos but it may take a while. My caps list doesn’t seem to match the one found here: https://mac68k.info/wiki/display/mac68k/Capacitor+List#CapacitorList-QuickTake150 My list is more like 3x 47uF 10V 1x 180uF 300V 2x 22uF 16V 1x 100uF 10V
  11. I have 2 of these I want to recap. Any tips on opening them? Special rivet removing tool maybe?
  12. And there it is, extra metal bracket. Thanks very much for that.
  13. I just have 2 SE floppy holders: the 2 metal tabs of the lower drive stick into the main cage and then the 2 metal tabs of the upper floppy stick into the lower floppy which is great but there's nothing to secure the other end of it if it's not flat. You could swing it around and jostle it. I guess I'll have to hunt for the special bracket. Thanks for the replies.
  14. Who's got the double floppy version of the SE? How is the top floppy secured to the bottom one? I'm rigging up my own & it's not immediately obvious to me. I've looked for photos of it but no luck yet.
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