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  1. Responding to "BadGoldEagle" I've already removed the Maxell batteries from the board and used white vinegar to clean off some of the corrosion (I wish I would have used a toothbrush, like you said). The Serial controller may not need replacing, one leg looks like it could be fully rusted but I don't think that's the case yet. I'm definitely planning on posting some pictures as I progress on the board I may even make a youtube video or two. I do have a multimeter which I haven't really used mostly because it's super cheap, it should work though if all it has to do is check if a current ca
  2. Thanks for the advice! I'm going to at least attempt a repair on the board however I am new to repairing electronics, so new in fact that I don't even have a soldering iron (I'm looking into getting a nice soldering iron station). Of course I'll also have to learn how to solder first so that'll take some time. Addressing some of your questions / concerns: Responding to "trag" I was worried about the Serial PIC being damaged after I watched a video jason's macintosh museum made about the IIfx when he said something about that chip controlling all the I/O, luckily the chip appea
  3. A few days ago I picked up some vintage apple Macintosh computers along with some vintage apple accessories and was ecstatic when the person giving me the computers said I could have their Macintosh IIfx in near mint cosmetic condition (besides some yellowing of the plastic) free of charge. When I got home however and opened the beastly machine I was presented with one of the worse cases of PRAM battery leakage I have ever seen. Both the PRAM batteries had leaked onto the motherboard and it was not pretty to say the least. Now I'm tasked with repairing my Macintosh IIfx but I don't even
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