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  1. Do you know what goes in to the process of filing a claim on. eBay? I still need to get around to doing that
  2. I haven't made a claim yet, gonna go in tomorrow
  3. Those seem to be what I broke, except the power switch is some some of black piece of plastic (I think to help keep the white piece in the correct plact?)
  4. I bought an iMac G3 400mhz off of eBay, and when I received it it was busted all to hell I began taking it apart to try to get the floating plastic out of the machine so I could get a good picture to make a claim with postal, and most of the case fell apart on me :o I have the bottom of the pc (covering the CD slot and HDD enclosure) and I have about 1/3 of the blue colored casing above the CRT TV. All of the internal plastic casing snapped apart and I don't think there is any real way for me to salvage all of this. The CRT is not attached to anything. When I flip the machine over
  5. @slomacuser Let me dig through my plastic pile here...I also got an iMac g3 that took major major damage in shipping looks to be mostly the big plastic cover that went over the mobo, the things that screw on to the disc drive and help it stay in the case, a few clips I can't remember for what, the clips on the front of the case that hold it to the metal, and the enclosure for the power button (which I think I can easily rig up something else to work)
  6. Well that's reassuring at least that this thing isn't trashed. On another note I just picked up an iMac G3 blue colored all-in-one that got damaged in shipping, and when I went to take it apart...well let's just say I'm trying to think of new options for that PC...
  7. Hey everybody. Sorry to bring up an older topic, but I'm newer here and just had a question. I received a Power Mac 7200 from eBay today, and when I went to tear it down and take a peak inside, I discovered that most of the plastic tabs holding the computer together haven't held up very well. For example, the plastic enclosure for the CD Drive is demolished, the plastic window to look at the motherboard broke off of one of the tabs, and the front plate of the case lost a tab that holds it together. Is there any simple way to go about fixing this computer back up?
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