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  1. have you recapped the logic board yet? before all else recapping is the number 1 causer of issues what ram was installer to before you upgraded and was it running fine before your ram upgrade also what bank did you install the 4x16mb Simm's into (bank a or bank B?)
  2. just wondering if anyone has or can point me inn the right direction for an eagle DIN41612 library. the parts included in eagle only have a couple versions. I'm looking at making a dual slot PDS card adaptor to fit a ethernet card and video card but can't seem to find the correct part libraries with the correct male/female parts along with right angle versions however if someone has already done this please let me know
  3. using Helium is a simpler solution for those who don't like using resedit, though if you want to save some ram usage (not a big issue theses days with how cheap it is to max out ram) then deleting PACK ID14 would be the way to go.
  4. bit off topic, but I didn't realise you were the author of Mac 512k blog... just wanted to say ive really enjoyed reading your articles over the last couple months or so. fantastic website, so thanks for all the content over there
  5. I appreciate that. But yes just use the GPL licence, I’d prefer it to be the same as the licence for the scuznet in that regard. For me it’s mainly just making sure that anyone can freely use the case files and GPL seems to cover that well
  6. absolutely fine by me. as for a licence, ive no idea I guess anything that's free and open source would be preferred like the GPL. Its not something I've looked into before to be honest
  7. glad you like the case, if you want to add it to your GitHub repo you're more then welcome to yes I agree that sticking to the 64a3u would be preferable
  8. ill certainly have a tinker later today, in regards to sram, just how much would be needed as the 128a3u has 8k and the 256a3u has 16k...
  9. I just have a couple fixes to do to the case and then reprint to check,then I’ll upload the STL here Edit: have attached a zip file with the STL files to print, let me know how it turns out for you ScuzNet V2 Case.zip
  10. yeah unfortunately the Devices that do sB aren't very common sG is more common. possible the OSSC would do it (not confirmed though) but still that's a costly device, but a good one none the less. the other option would be the RGB2HDMI device, if it supports sB its pretty cheap to build/buy and from my uses it works pretty well. I think someone posted here on the forums that Adrian Black did a review/test of it fwiw
  11. still needs some work but I have a basic case design for the V2 Scuznet
  12. that sounds great, especially the idea about switching between Nuvolink and Daynaport emulation, I wasn't sure if that would be doable on not on the same firmware.
  13. thanks for all the information there, main reason I asked about bare metal is due to the delay of boot up with linux. in theory I guess it would be possible to boot up to a barebones linux system in a couple seconds at least on the newer raspberry pi 4, though one would really need to build up the OS from ground up to do so... are there any plans to do a custom specifically kernel/distro for RaSCSI in the pipeline?
  14. my RasterOps Colorboard 264 has a v1.2 ROM on it and ive read on the forums here that there was a newer 1.3 ROM on some cards. just wondering if anyone on here has the later rom on their card and if so are they able to dump a rom image of it for me by any chance? The rom is socketed and is a standard eprom btw
  15. I can certainly check out the nuvolink side, I'll have to bring out another se/30 though as those drivers won't work with my main system as it have a PDS card installed. ive been using the hard drive emulation on and off all day an no issues so far, ive tested with both the apple and scsi director hdd drivers, both seem to work fine and both get comparable performance. Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.5 with the patch applied is probably worth recommending on you GitHub page. as linking to apples format utilities may or may not be an issue I have attached the patcher file here should you want to ad
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