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  1. well I only had one cable harness so I didn't want to shote well I never wanted to shorten the cable harness during the design phase in case I changed things, I do honestly do want to get back to the design process and refine things and that would involve shortening most of those ribbon cables bit my workload Over the last 6-12 months studying mechanics engineering at university has majorly limited my free time to work on projects and when I have had free time other projects have kind of taken me away from this so there actually a tons of things I need to do, that I haven't had the fre
  2. hey Cheesestraws, sorry for the late reply to this, I know you were interested in seeing the innards and I only just got around to taking a few pictures, there's a lot of ribbon cables that obviously would need to be shortened should I get back to working on this but hopefully these pictures can give you a look at the innards. worth mentioning that the psu adaptor was just a bodged setup build on some perf-board to invert the signal of the psu on signal but if I ever revise this project obviously I would need to get a small pcbs made up to connect the pico atx psu to the make psu harness, rega
  3. hmm that's likely it then, as 4.6v is on quite the low end of the scale and it probably means that even if the stm chip turns on it would be triggering brown out detection and constantly reseting itself does anyone know just how many Macs are effected by this? as if its only a few models it probably doesn't matter but if it is common to many models it would probably be a good idea to add a power connected to the board with a. 3 pin header to allow people to select either termination power or power from an external source through the power connector (hope that makes sense), the smal
  4. thats interesting to know, i guess maybe the se/30 is one of those borderline designs? i gave up on this device awhile ago anyways, it was to slow compared to the hdd i have in my mac currently, still considering how cheap it is to buy the micro and the pcb im sure this is a great option for many people
  5. interesting, i should probably, check how much current the se/30 can provided on the scsi 5v termination line compared to the current draw of this hdd emulator, as well as the current draw of the microsdcard i was using. perhaps its not a problem on more 'modern' vintage macs?
  6. yeah its a great device, has made it pretty handy to have all my floppy OS installs as well as some driver discs and the odd floppy based software installs all in the one place, over the years ive found much of my floppy discs have worn out or got some form of data corruption/disc rot on them the ti dont have to worry about now, the hd20 mode has been handy too for transferring larger software to my se/30 too. it would be great to get a similar solution for CD based media that works in the same way the only downside is my old Model A display is on the way out for the third time and i aske
  7. its a FloppyEmu that replaces the floppy dive with an SD-card(theres a slot under the contact flash card for the scared), i picked one up from BMOW a few years back to use with my SE/30 but the one in this mac is just home made version as i found some pcbs gerber files online and got some boards manufactured. basically this mac has no moving parts except a Noctula fan as the 68040 is overclocked and theres a 486 Overdrive cpu in the dos card so it got a bit to toasty for my liking without a fan in there. it's pretty much silent though.
  8. there must be something wrong with my se/30 then as i couldn't get it to run using the +5v from the scsi bus
  9. I have unplugged it from its 'place' below my se/30 so I'll do my best to upload some pictures of the internals either tomorrow or the next day, being that its on my main lab bench I won't forget lol.
  10. well they good thing is it willl allow any logic board using the same edge connector as the performa 630 with era exception that the logic boards requiring the 3.3 volt rail would need that wired up as mine is only wired for 5v, I believe some boards have 3.3v wired to one of the pins on the edge connector (forget what pin that was but its its trivial change) worth noting though that should someone want to print this they would need an original wiring harness to install into it. also the way it is designed it wouldn't be hard to for me to remove the floppyEMU that I have installed and modify
  11. I do want to say it is only a rough I guess 'prototype' in the sense that everything fits together well but that there are many tweaks and refinements that needs to be done both to the case as well as my hacked together PSU adaptor so please be kind lol
  12. hey thanks, to be honest the orange was just the filament I had on hand at the time, I did this a few months ago Its not a perfect begin/print by any means as it was my first CAD design but was a good learning experience, I was pretty happy with results though being my first print, leant a lot, im actually ending my night after many drinks but i'll unscrew the case in the next 1-2 days (depending on tomorrows hangover lol) and even though its a pretty rought design if people want id be happy to upload the stl files somewhere? if there's any interest though please understa
  13. also might be a handy idea to add a standard HDD power connector to your pcb for those who want to install it internally inside a Mac? what are your thoughts/ideas regarding that?
  14. I have a performa 630DOS that had a damaged case and I got a little bored and started working on a case a while ago the removes the mechanical hdd (replaced with a Compact Flash card), removed the scsi CD-ROM drive, replaced the floppy drive with a FloppyEMU (using Gerber files I found online somewhere as I didn't want to pull apart my legit version) and I replaced the psi with a PicoATX PSU so the whole thing runs off a 12v wall wart. I did this quite a while ago to learn how to use Fusion360 and to be honest I need to redo everything to made the externals look more 'Mac' like but it was a pr
  15. i look forward to seeing how this comes along, let me know if you need any testing done etc, happy to help out if needed
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