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  1. So far I have hooked everything up to my iici and AppleTalk seems fine. I’m transfering a 134mb file across from my afp server (os x 10.4.11 server) and current it’s copying fine. I’m getting the same 12kb/s with AppleTalk as I was getting with my se/30 (fetch is around 85kb/s or there abouts). No crash to macsbug upon reboot or shutdown either. I’m using the firmware tweaks superjer2000 got me to try via email a couple days ago too so I haven’t tried the original firmware but easily can if that’s helpful. haven’t tried fetch out on the iici yet and it will take awhile for that 134mb
  2. Al the credit of debugging should go to superjer2000 here, I’ve provided some test results to him but really I haven’t done much, it’s all been his effort tbh i do have a iici logic board around here so I might give that i quick test if I get time today as if all my issues go away then it must be something to do with the way the se/30 scsi works and/or is implemented?? fwiw both my se/30’s exhibit the exact same symptoms and they are divergent logic board revisions from what I can tell. Not sure if that’s useful knowledge or not though
  3. no worries, let me know if you find anything and/or have any other tests you think are worth doing. i make a lot of pcb's and deal with surface mount soldering almost daily as well as a lot of restoration/repair work so i've been very stumped as to the cause and really just want to figure out what the issue is
  4. I had one working with ftp originally but after further testing I discovered the issues I now have. at the time I was only transferring files around 1-4mb in size. only tried on a couple se/30's ill have to read back over my notes and forum posts to see if I tried it with the iici logic board I have around here as I can't remember if I did or didn't to be honest I had to seperate runs of pcbs made, I used JLCPCB both times, but I do get a fair amount of different circuitboards made through them the last couple years if not longer. ive never had an issue with any of the pcbs made
  5. im not sure how much use I can be but if I can help out with any testing at any stage please let me know what I can do
  6. I second this, do make sure is a 25-25pin straight though cable, in the pc world 25pin cables are either wired to printer port use or they are old school 25pin serial port cables so I highly doubt either would work thb
  7. this is smiler to the issues ive had, firstly do double check you solder connections and make sure all the flux is gone. as for the sdcard I formatted mine as MBR Fat32 in my modern computer then I reformatted it with scsi director 4 fwiw. what brand sd card are you using, might be worth trying another card just to rule that out. like you ive trie both the Nuvotech and the focus drives and ive also tried both 64 and 128 atmegas (with compile target ic changed of course) ive also tired a firmware that was send form another user with no change to my symptoms. I'd be
  8. so tried a isolated network between the se/30 and a Mac mini using a old router and I was actually able to connect and mount the afp share most of the time but unfortunately it would still hang the system so for now ive put the scuznet on the back burner as I'm still waiting on my order of ethernet PHY chips to arrive from DigiKey. in the mean time I went a bit Frankenstein and soldered up a extra DIN socket onto my PDS slot network card and Im just running that with the graphics card connected on top
  9. check the ground plane is connected, the lc575 (and likely others) use a split ground plane for the audio and the logic on the board, I imagine they did that to minimise noise on the audio circuitry but you can just connect the audio ground to the main ground of the logic board. a quick test would be to connect the audio jack ground to the chassis and see if sound comes back
  10. has anyone tried emailing stuart, the author of Bolo StuartCheshire@apple.com
  11. are we talking a hardware about or software problem here? l have 7.5.5 installed with open transport 1.3... i'll try that out today and report back. fwiw i think those symptoms only occur when ethernet is preselected in the AppleTalk control panel. i'll have to double check but i dont recall having this issue if printer/modem port is selected but then i get random issues with fetch. also i have none of these issues when i use a PDS ethernet adaptor
  12. it doesn't crash immediately, but if its connected before I boot the Mac it freezes at the MacOS screen before it starts loading extensions with about 1cm of the loading bar done if I boot up the Mac right to the desktop and then plugin the ethernet cable then it doesn't freeze until maybe 30-60seconds later then everything locks up and I can't move the mouse but interestingly if I unplug the ethernet it comes good again but if I plug it in again it freezes and then if I unplug the ethernet yet again it remains frozen and I have to hard reset the Mac or If I click the interrupt but
  13. i haven't done this on an apple lcd but to replace the backlights is going to be the same process as any other lcd from the era, you'll actually have to seperate the lcd panel itself, usually the metal frame hold the layers of defusers, display, glass etc and the cfl will be in there. this is a difficult thing to do without breaking anything, also do be very careful not to get fingerprints or dust on any of the layers or you'll notice it after reassembly when you go to use it.
  14. hmm well ive never had any issues with fetch v4.0.3 using my pds network card on both my se/30's and I can use both Appleshare volumes and fetch to copy over anything regardless of size so that rules out the se/30, the network stack (OT1.3), my lan setup, as well as my A2Server and my OS9 server. if I don't have the network cable plugged in it seems that I can open appletalk and select 'alternate ethernet' and exit and save. but without the ethernet cable connected I get a crash to macsbug when I try to restart or shutdown, also I then get a freeze during boot up at the MacOS scre
  15. just wondering if you can provide a precompiled firmware I can try just so I can try it out as a process of elimination. maybe add it to you GitHub repo? i doubt that is the issue but its worth a try incase there's something wrong with my build chain
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