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  1. There was this link 5 days ago over on Reddit VintageApple: I want to check out the links above but I found a bunch of these to be interesting.
  2. I don’t think you need to worry. The IIsi is based on the the IIci architecture, the IIci runs at 25Mhz and only requires 80ns RAM. I’ve made the 25Mhz mod on two IIsi boards without a problem. I also haven’t had a problem using a IIsi NuBus adapter in these systems, the 68882 FPU math coprocessor on the adapter apparently picks up the clock from the motherboard and also runs at 25Mhz. I’m guessing the clock crystal on the adapter may be for the actual NuBus bus? See the IIsi benchmarks I did in the following post which illustrate FPU performance increase with the 25Mhz motherboard
  3. I thought the 2400c didn’t care if you removed the backup battery? In another recent post it was stated that the 3400c works fine without one and architecturally the are quite similar. If the 2400c does require (or even benefit from) having a functioning backup battery I’m def going to look into building one ASAP! I removed it from my working 2400c for fear of it leaking and not to long after I could get it to boot. I assumed other faults must have existed but if it’s “just” the backup battery...
  4. So my wonderful significant other got me an eMate 300 for Xmas. It’s kinda neat, especially the design, if a little odd to remember how to use Newton OS. It came with its original power adapter but of course the battery pack was dead. Even more than my PowerBooks this beauty wants to be unplugged, fortunately “re-celling” the battery pack is not too bad. Picked these batteries up from Amazon: 4 pcs Tenergy 2000mAh NiMH Rechargeable AA Battery Flat Top with Tabs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CR0R8KQ/ And followed these instructions: https://www.pda-soft.de/bod
  5. Ahhh! Yeah that was it. Checking the unconnected CD power molex connector when all reassembled shows stead 5 and 12 volt power. Dang, thought I might have been on to something. Back to looking at the two 610 motherboards... Only one of my Centris 610 boards has Ethernet, if I got the one without Ethernet to work I'd *thought* about trying to swap the missing chips/parts over.
  6. Wonder if there is any chance the drivers for one of those cards would work for the AE card? I think I read somewhere that some cards shared drivers but I suppose that might only be due to actual shared/licensed/purchased hardware designs.
  7. Dang. In another long shot I’ve asked the eBay seller of the card I got if they might have floppies or access to the HD from the system the card came from. Definitely not holding my breath.
  8. I got an Ultrasonic cleaner over the holidays and a bare Centris 610 motherboard off eBay. Recapped the second board and cleaned both in the new cleaner. First board unchanged, second motherboard light comes on but no start up sound(s) at all. Ugh. For some reason I hadn’t checked out the power supply, and thought I’d give that a shot. I’m not totally sure what good unloaded values should be but the 5v (red) seemed to be jumping around 4.2 to 4.6 volts and the 12v (yellow) 5.4 to 7.6 volts... Anyone have info on recapping an Astec AA16990 (Apple PN 614-0022)?
  9. Got around to trying the Applied Engineering Transwarp “TW6400” 68040 upgrade card in my IIci. It might be dead or more hopefully *just* need drivers (which finding might be hopeless!)
  10. I don’t suppose you ever found drivers? I picked up one of these cards and it doesn’t seem to do anything when installed in my IIci. I think for other similar cards (DayStar) the drivers are only needed to enable cache, hoping maybe the AE card needs some sort of driver to do anything (vs. the card is dead)
  11. There is some info on adding a 3.3v regulator there: https://powercc.org/takky/
  12. So picked this 68040 upgrade card up on eBay BIN (with an Dayna PDS Ethernet card) for $61 shipped: Anyone know anything about these? Applied Engineering Transwarp/TW 6400 from 1993. Looks like it’s 33MHz, didn’t have a pic of the other side, wonder if there is an optional cache module? Googling doesn’t really turn up much, info or driver wise....
  13. What specific version of Glider are you using? I can pull my “CC+” out and test (I think the 25 vs. 33Mhz speed is they only real difference). Could be cap goo, I used a lot of flux remover (IPA plus solvents) and dental brushes on mine after recapping. Have you ever tried “Apple Personal Diagnostics”. It can do a sound checks, runs through, mono and stereo tests as I recall. I usually run it in a loop after a recap (just on logic board tests) for a while to make sure the board looks good, the system doesn’t crash.
  14. I have a CC with a LC520 motherboard, I hadn’t noticed any sound issues but haven’t tried those games. Does the audio sound okay in the problem games using the rear headphone jack?
  15. I think I do! That looks like the SCSI cable for an external Sony CD-ROM “Discman”. Sony PRD-250 CD-ROM Discman Portable Player (4x speed) https://docs.sony.com/release/PRD250MC.pdf or Sony PRD-650 CD-ROM Discman Portable Player (6x speed) https://docs.sony.com/release/PRD650MC.pdf You can commonly find the drives on eBay but that cable not so much since it only came with Mac “version” (the PC one came with a different cable and PCMCIA card, but it’s the same drive).
  16. Just posted on that, silver lining on the weekend!
  17. With the Centris 610 down for the count I gave the QuadDoubler a try in my 605. ...and it booted just fine, 50MHz! Things seemed good and then after 15 min or so, crash. Overheating likely since it’s probably only meant to run at 40Mhz (2x20Mhz speed of the C610). As a test I moved the case fan on top of the heat sync and it seems stable now. I’d need to figure out a better solution make this work longer term (be able to close the case). But oh so snappy! Benchmarks:
  18. I found a Centris 610 on eBay that looked to have something interesting inside, a Sonnet QuadDoubler. I jumped on it just for the QuadDoubler, thinking it might be a great upgrade for my 605 or 700. I hadn’t looked at/thought about these case style Macs much but they are actually somewhat interesting on their own. I just wish they had soft power, I guess I give the 605 a pass due to its smaller size? True to the description it wouldn’t boot, start up chimes followed by death chimes. I spent the a bunch of the weekend cleaning up the motherboard, re-sold
  19. Well dang. Like yours mine is unchanged after putting the new caps on this morning. Tried 1 (just my RAM & VRAM) and 3 unsuccessfully. I have not done a deep/submerged clean of the board, I guess it’s possible there is still some goo somewhere causing a short...
  20. Small world on here, I’m working on a Centris 610 with the exact same issue right now! Today I removed the old caps and spent a lot of time fixing (I hope..) a couple chips near caps where they the cap goo seemed to have corroded a few legs on two chips (RP3 & IOSB) from making contact with the board. I recently got a nice Amscope microscope which I don’t think I could done this work without. I guess I really shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch though considering your ( @Byrd and @soviet) experiences. Fingers crossed.
  21. I did not as I was able to obtain a parts machine to steal the back light from. As I recall It did look like there was a good chance that that company could make one that could fit...
  22. For those wanting to try something short of surface mount desoldering. I've had very good luck repeatedly spraying with flux remover (its stronger than plain IPA for dissolving gunk) and using a dental brush to clean the gunk out from under these chips. Got a Color Classic motherboard working this way (also did its sound chip like this). 4140A Flux Remover for PC Boards https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XDCRLR6/ DenTek Slim Brush Interdental Cleaners https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009MHV3VW These brushes can actually fit between the chip and
  23. Very impressive! Definitely interested in your BOM as well as thoughts from others on possible 3D printed cases. It would be very cool if there were a guide, instructions, a kit or a product for those of us that wanted a moDern solution to running these PowerBooks off battery.
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