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  1. It is really frustrating/disappointing when a repair project doesn't work out as planned, even worse when its preventative maintenance. I think many of us have been there. I guess I've been relatively lucky with the power supplies I've recapped lately. For what its worth (maybe not much!) this is the approach I take: With so many options on Mouser my process has been to start filtering under Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: Manufacturer = Nichicon (preference I guess, think I've heard good things in general) Term Style = Radial Capacitance = <
  2. I finally got around to re-capping the TDK power supplies in my two original LC's, LC III and Quadra 605. There is a bunch of info in different threads and on other sites but thought others might find this summary useful. My two original LC's had non-working TDK power supplies labeled: TDK Model Number: 699-0153 Apple Part Number: 699-0153 +5V 3.25A -5V 0.075A +12V 0.75A My LC III and Quadra 605 had working TDK power supplies labeled: TDK Model Number: 614-0003 Apple Part Number: 614-0003 +5V 3.75A -5V 0.075A
  3. Are these available from somewhere? I’d love a smaller than 3x AAA holder for my 630 and 6360.
  4. Same here! Some pictures for C/D tantalum size comparison from two different Color Classic boards I did: Tantalum Size D: Tantalum Size C: When things are tight (as they often are...) the smaller C size gives a bit more room for your iron (get one with a chisel tip!). Also these Console5 kits are pretty convenient if they have one for what you need, which they do for the LC III (Performa 450): https://console5.com/store/macintosh-lciii-smd-tantalum-main-pcb-cap-kit-lc3-lc-iii.html They ship size C tantalums for caps like the
  5. ...Interesting that you could use the Apple TV/FM Radio System version of the tuner card with a beige G3 if you had the correct personality card. I guess there would be the issue of where it could mechanically fit...
  6. I'm pretty certain that you need to have the card with separate jacks radio and TV in order to be able to use the Apple FM Radio extension and app. https://apple.fandom.com/wiki/Apple_TV_Tuner_Card
  7. I ordered the following replacement electrolytic capacitors from Mouser: C3 - 390µf | 400WV - d:30mm h:48mm 871-B43545B9397M000 C8 - 22µf | 35V - d:6mm h:8mm 647-USV1V220MFD C10, C19 - 1000µf | 16V - d:10mm h:28mm 647-UPW1C102MPD C12 - 470µf | 10V - d:8mm h:15mm 647-UPM1A471MPD1TD C14 - 10µf | 50V - d:5mm h:12mm 647-UPV1H100MFD C18 - 1000µf | 35V - d:12mm h:30mm 647-UPJ1V102MHD C21, C26 - 3300µf | 16V - d:12mm h:40mm 647-UPA1C332MHD C22 - 2200µf | 10V - d:12mm h:25mm 647-UPJ1A222MHD C24 - 220µf | 35V -
  8. I’ve used dental brushes and flux cleaner, here’s a pick of what that looks like from Color Classic board:
  9. Beautiful capacitor replacement documentation!
  10. You don’t need to worry that a LC PDS Ethernet card has FPU chip socket, the same that your LC III logic board has, just don’t put an actual 68882 FPU in both at the same time.
  11. You need a Macintosh DB15F to VGA HDB-15M converter, something like this one off eBay: APPLE MAC DB15 / FEMALE TO VGA / MALE VIDEO ADAPTER
  12. For loading Newton apps I’m not sure what can be done from modern OS machines, I’ve loaded a couple to my eMate 300 via serial using my Performa 6360 a bridge machine (running Newton Connection Utilities for the eMate serial link app install). The terminal app folks recommend is apparently “PT100”: http://newton3.applenewton.co.uk/?m&dir=internet/PT1001.0.1 I’ve been meaning to try it.
  13. I think that board controls both brightness and contrast, both control sliders are on it, right? The two electrolytic capacitors on that board certainly could be bad. But I am by no means saying that is definitely the cause of the problem. I haven’t recapped my PoweBook 165 yet, so you are ahead of me! But I had been planning on replacing those two capacitors: PB 165 Screen Inverter board, I believe: 1 - 47µF - 16V 1 - 33µF - 10V
  14. Did you try the reset button stuff? Apple eMate Service Source I think I needed to hold that button down when I first got my rebuilt battery installed. Hard Reset?
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