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  1. Unfortunately my G5 has been nothing but trouble since I started to use it again, I put a fresh install of Leopard on it to start with but it was kernel panicking left, right and centre. I reinstalled, chopped/changed RAM, PRAM etc etc and still issues. Its been enough to put me off the idea at this point. Maybe I'll come back to it when I'm less annoyed with it!
  2. Thanks for all the info/advice. I don't really have anything to lose as it's pretty much a throwaway computer. I can put 2 drives in it, one with 10.5 and another with a Linux distro and see how I go. Realistically I'm not going to use it as a main machine but I want to do something with it. I would use it as a media/file server if it wasn't totally overkill and draws loads of power for such a task. I've got an ancient Intel Pentium ULV laptop that runs as a media server and it draws 11W. My G5 has the 1kW PSU and I imagine at idle it's draws over 100W
  3. Just to note I made a mistake in my first post. It's a DC 2.3. Obviously it doesn't matter vastly to me if there's quite a bit of trial and error, I have a Windows desktop for more demanding tasks and my early '08 MacBook Pro (in my opinion the best keyboard on a notebook ever). That's only got a 2.4Ghz C2D, if I can get a similar browsing experience to that I'll have no qualms. I've seen that 7800GTX's can be flashed to work. Is that worthwhile to get better hardware acceleration? Curve ball though - am I jumping the gun on ditching OS X completely. Can it me made a u
  4. £30 plus postage? I can't really test it without reassembling the whole computer though...
  5. Recently acquired my old G5 after I gave it to my Dad some 6/7 years ago to replace his ageing Windows XP machine. Somehow he managed to continue using the G5 up until 2018 when he replaced it with a new laptop. I eventually got round to picking up my old computer and forgot what a nice machine it is. I would love to have a use for it but of course browsers on 10.5 are long unsupported and even TenFourFox runs like garbage. I know there are Linux distros compiled for PPC but most articles/threads on that are very old and I was wondering if there was any 'fairly recent' support, de
  6. I've got a entirely disassembled Cube. It was my first ever Mac and I couldn't bring myself to bin it. I tore the whole thing down and the parts have been sitting in a box (indoors) for years, presumably they still work. It's got the rarer 500Mhz CPU and an BIOS flashed nVidia 6200 (I think...?) I'm in the UK if you'd like anything.
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