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  1. I still haven't got around to investigating what is wrong here... I have just bought a multimeter so fingers crossed its a fuse, clock battery ,trip switch or something cheap... I got hooked in those three days it worked. Not bad on OSX Panther, not that much slower than my eMac 1.25GHz...
  2. Apple are normally really good at adapting from one voltage to the other, thankfully!
  3. Correct, UK plugs still have fuses in them. In this case a 5A one.
  4. In October, I was lucky enough to be asked to "dispose" of a PowerMac G4 Cube. It was complete but very dirty having being left in an outdoor shed for 11 years! I brought it home and gave it a clean, connected it, crossed my fingers and plugged it in. The fuse immediately blew in the plug and from researching the problem, it looked like the psu had died. As I couldn't get into the PSU and was quoted a lot of money to fix it, I bought an LED power supply rated at 28V, 250W and tried that. This time the computer booted up and ran. It worked fine for a few days except that there was a CD stuck in
  5. It looks great, how hard is it to separate the metal from the plastic part of the cube? Mine was "stored" in a shed for 11 years so bits of dirt have got between the plastic and the metal!
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