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  1. When I updated through easyinstall, my web service stopped working and I got this message: Failed to restart rascsi-web.service: Unit rascsi-web.service not found. A fresh install of RaSCSI Web Interface (#2 option) fixed this issue!
  2. Two very cool new sites from Action Retro are: 68k.news: Headlines from the Future http://68k.news FrogFind! The Search Engine for Vintage Computers http://frogfind.com
  3. Thanks for the suggestion - I was able to get ColorDesk working on a clean install of 7.1. Next I'll try and figure out which extension is causing the conflict in 7.5.5...
  4. After listening to a recent RMC podcast about creating desktop pictures for compact macs, I decided to give it a go with my SE/30. I found a classic image of Steve Jobs, used GIMP on my MBP to get it down to 512x342 pixels, used Hyperdither (which is an awesome program BTW!) on my MBP to get it down to black and white pixels, sent it to my SE/30, and then converted the PNG file to a .mac and .pict file format with GraphicsConverter. I can view the graphic file on my SE/30 perfectly, but for the life of me I cannot get any of the desktop picture control panels to work.
  5. That'd be pretty cool too. Is that real or a mock-up?
  6. Nice - just need a clear case now to show off all those cards!
  7. Wow - it does it all! I wish I would've had this before I set up Netatalk and my web proxy...
  8. No, I think your level of excitement is appropriate.
  9. Looks fantastic - looking forward to getting some playing time on my SE/30! And CQ II BBS would love to host your shareware download when ready.
  10. $200-$300 - yes $500 - hard to justify spending that much...
  11. It was a while ago, but the voltages were a little on the low side, so I just turned the pot up a smidge while the computer was on and it instantly fixed it. I had already recapped both the logic board and the analog board without any improvement in the wobble. Someone suggested reflowing the solder on the analog board's monitor wires but that didn't help either. Then I read somewhere that it could be due to low voltage and bingo!
  12. I had a Classic with a wobbly screen and after I turned up the voltage (I forget where the adjustment is on the Analog Board) it worked perfect.
  13. The preorder thread is here, but I don't think he's making any more of them. You could PM him and see if he's got any extras.
  14. I'm all for original equipment, but my technical knowledge is limited to recapping, and if that doesn't work I look for a replacement...
  15. It was definitely the power supply. I did the mAcTX LC conversion with a modern power supply and everything works perfect now.
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