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  1. Totally interested. I could see people also needing the small screws for the PDS daughter card bracket.
  2. That's a reasonable guess, do you have two banks worth of RAM to swap between by using just one bank? The stock ROM does a RAM test, but maybe it is not sufficient to catch the issue. Cleaning of the board needs to be fairly thorough when repairing for leaks, how did you clean it?
  3. Interesting idea. I think something that would be cool is a smaller version of the boxes (like @maceffects shipping boxes) that are designed the same as the originals. It could be used as a display or storage box and not take up as much room as the stock boxes since they would only have enough space for the mac without the accessories.
  4. That board rendering looks great. Does your version also have an SD card for HDD emulation? Having all the connectors on two sides seems better than 3 (like USB/power and Ethernet on one side).
  5. Thanks so much for the link!! I missed being able to run it after I updated to Catalina.
  6. @TweedyF How did you get Basilisk to run in Catalina?
  7. I have the same issue. I just recapped the board but it won't chime. The green LED comes on and the PSU fan is going. Voltages at the HDD power connector seem normal. I didn't think the board looked bad concerning capacitor goo before I cleaned it.
  8. I have been testing a MacSD card and found it wouldn't turn on connected to an SE/30 due to a blown 1A fuse (F3). Replacing the fuse fixed the issue. I wonder if the term powered devices strain that fuse since they are aged and this is another component that may need replacement like capacitors.
  9. Oh I see it now. I am testing it with Mini vMac set to the 512 x 341 resolution. It looks like there's another resolution check to whether or not to pop up the little map window, but it's easy to close. How would I find the right offset and hex for other versions of HyperCard? For example, the color version of Spelunx doesn't have the same content at that offset, it looks similar to v2.1 HyperCard player.
  10. @Crutch That's awesome you found a patch point to force it to run full screen! I don't see the attachment in your post... Could an alternative way of doing it be to check if the window bounds is (0,0)-(512,342) or (0,0)-(512,341) and return "1"?
  11. @Crutch Sorry I didn't get notified of your reply. Yeah, the Xceed card gives a different resolution value to trick programs to think it's a color monitor so that the grayscale aspect will show through. That's a great idea to perhaps hack HyperCard. I think I tend to run a version of 2, could be the latest which I think is something like 2.4. I think the last version of 1.x could also be useful to hack. If you are able to find a way of doing it, that would be awesome.
  12. I'm also up for getting these Scuzzweenoâ„¢ boards. I have a bluepill that I tried out for something, so it's good to see such an inexpensive and common module being used for SCSI. Like @Huxley said, the SCSI2SD is kind of worrisome to use and having an alternative would be great. It would be nice if we could re-flash it in case of a firmware update. It seems most projects like this end up having many updates.
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