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  1. I actually just fixed this. I kept it off for a while then tried to boot from a floppy and it worked. I then had to make the system 6.0.8 installation I had on the hard disk active using system picker and I was able to boot it back up. I will keep you updated on anything regarding trying to update to 7.0.1. I am still going to change the PRAM and clean.
  2. Hello, I am need of some help regarding how to start troubleshooting my Mac SE SuperDrive Model M-5011, 2.5mb ram, 100mb hdd It has been working for about 4 years and today it stopped working. I tried to update the OS from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1 and it said my drive may be corrupted as a warning and canceled the installation. I then restarted the Mac and I receive a Sad Mac error 0000000f 0000000c. I have looked up the error and have not been able to find online exactly what it means. I have found that it could be a nothing error, but not sure what that means or where to go with that.
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