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  1. Ha, pretty awesome Fink. Toronto Trek! I went to one of those back in the day to buy a Tricorder prop kit... I wonder if it was that one. Nice score. Whats your plan for it?
  2. Here here, this was incredibly inspiring!
  3. directive0


    Wow, I never thought to do that when I tore my 7100/80 apart. I will totally try that next time I'm that far down to the bare metal.
  4. Was it the one I gave you, Beachy? If so that's alarming as it appeared to be functioning perfectly.
  5. Doesn't bother me, just wasn't what I was looking for. I know some furries personally, they're harmless. To each their own, right? Hey you guys remember this? Must have been the ultimate iMac accessory!
  6. I like the sound of my PowerBook 5300c as it's running. It sounds like the gyro's on the instruments in a plane. Coupled with F/A 18 Hornet 1.0, it's quite the experience.
  7. I was mad into Tamagotchis in middle-school. Still have a couple kicking around, though not the blue one. I wasn't into furbies. I tried searching for a link to an article describing what you mentioned, but all I found was furry conventions,
  8. Not related in any way, and predates the iMac by a couple years, but I always liked this piece of coloured translucent plastic.
  9. Congrats Snuci! I'm noticing there are more and more folks on here that live in the GTA. I'd love to have a vintage mac night sometime and meet all you folks. Any interest?
  10. Do you have the liquid cooled ones as well?
  11. Okay, so. That KEYBOARD SWITCHER button thing didn't do anything. I still get that character instead of an open bracket no matter how many times I press it/rest. Still seems to be BASIC though, so far as I can tell. I ran a little memory test I found on THISwebsite. Doesn't work though. Sits there at "writing memory" and when I ctrl-c out it always breaks at line 40 so something there is keeping it busy, or just stuck. Or I just input the code wrong... or Which is very likely.
  12. Cool. I will be asking lots of newb questions! Here are some glamor shots.
  13. Will try that when I get home. But just so I understand; it was because my keyboard was in DVORAK mode?
  14. So... When I hold control-reset I get this symbol instead of the expected open bracket. Is this normal?
  15. Yep gonna try making the cable myself. I cant wait to get home and try some basic stuff!
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