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  1. JDW, Thank you for another informative and thorough video. I came across your channel when I first started getting back into old Macs and was pleasantly surprised to find out that you're a member on this forum too! I greatly appreciate all the hard work and time you put into your productions. There are several channels I watch when it comes to vintage computing, yours is the only one that my wife will sit down and actively watch with me. She puts up with my hobby but has very little interest otherwise, you should take her interest as a huge compliment! Hopefully thi
  2. Also interested. I'd be in for 10 sets.
  3. Hey Casey, Have you checked the voltages? It looks like the screen could use some vertical and horizontal adjustment too.
  4. Thanks for the help! I'll look for a higher amperage supply as my collection seems to continue to multiply. Unfortunately only one of two came with a battery but I do intend to attempt a rebuild.
  5. I should have been more specific! Yup, both are 100 series, a 165 and a 180. Cool. I plan to grab an original adapter and do a recap eventually but I want to be sure I've got the laptops squared away before introducing another unknown while doing the repairs on these two. I've stayed away from the older PowerBooks until now. The opportunity came up and I figured I might as well go a little outside my comfort zone.
  6. Hey everyone, I just picked up a couple 68k PowerBooks yesterday and neither came with an AC adapter. Are the modern third party adapters good to go or am I better off buying an original Apple adapter and going through a recap? Thanks! For reference, quick Amazon search came up with this:
  7. Yup. It may be a capacity issue with the CF to IDE adapted drives. Still going strong with a 4GB card. The next time I have a spare SATA SSD I'll give it a shot with an adapter.
  8. Now you've got me curious. I need to dig for a larger IDE drive and see if the computer would have problems. You're running an adapted SATA drive I'm assuming?
  9. 8TB! Here I was struggling and inevitably failing to get an 8GB "drive" to work with my 631. What OS are you running on that machine on the Mac side?
  10. For whatever reason, it works with either voltage selected. Maybe it's a placebo?
  11. Success! But not by changing voltages on the adapter. I tested with a 4GB card and it works! Just in case anyone is wondering in the future...The less sophisticated adapter designed for laptops isn't working at all. It appears to have died, would not recommend.
  12. The first adapter I pictured does have voltage selection and has been set to 5V, I'll have to try that out! I did attempt to build a single partition in varying sizes from 100 megs up to 4 gigs. No change.
  13. I'll have to dig for a smaller card, hopefully I have one. I'd prefer to stop throwing money at the problem, although 2.5" IDE drives are pretty inexpensive. @Byrd, what OS are you running on your Quadra?
  14. I've tried both a StarTech.com 40/44 Pin EID to Compact Flash SSD Adapter: and a CY CF Compact Flash Merory [sic] Card to Laptop 2.5 44 Pins SSD Adapter: The second adapter I'm using a desktop IDE with molex connector adapter to plug into the Performa data and power. Both are set to master. Both from Amazon.
  15. I'm a bit stumped. I am trying to replace the original, and failing, 500MB IDE hard drive in my Performa with an 8GB CF card. I've tried two different IDE to CF adapters with no luck so far. Each time I use Drive Setup, both versions 1.5 and 1.7.3, patched and unpatched, I get an Initialization Failed message. The more sophisticated of the two adapters works just fine in my B&W G3, the less sophisticated one gives the same Initialization Failed message as in the Performa when attempting to partition and initialize the CF card. I've tried initializing on the Performa in Syst
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