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  1. I have had many issues with memory. Once I got a Plus computer off eBay with weird lines going down the screen. I knew the machine worked because the floppy icon was visible. I assumed it was the Analog board had leaking caps. So when i replaced them I tried just about everything even cleaning. Later when i got another one I swapped parts back and forth only to find out one of the memory sticks were bad. So its not surprising this is an issue in the future because they fail all the time especially if the pins are corroded. The new one I have is pretty much mint
  2. ALSO, it may be the Memory. But always recap first. If that does not fix it. Then I would recommend replacing the memory with compatible new ones. Because it's not passing post...
  3. It's not too hard to solder is only 14 but I've done it... Just ask the form for what type of solder and solder iron you need. They will always be happy to help... I even show you this Old VHS video I used to help me learn.
  4. It's not Analog related... And if its passing POST it may be the Logic board. Have you inspected the restart and interrupt buttons? Try using them, or inspecting to make sure they are not stuck.
  5. I goto into this quite a few years ago so I can't remember quite how I did. I've been on the computer most of my life So I've got quite good at typing and knowing how they work. But I remember really getting into it when I took apart a broken vacuum cleaner. Later I then got into collecting video game consoles. And that led me to take apart electronics. After a while, I started to collect vintage Apple computers a year or two ago. And I never would have guessed I would be taking apart such complex devices and soldering and repairing them. This is the type of stuff someone much older than I wo
  6. I'm only 14 (yes really) and I've handled multiple CRTs in my spare time. I know the dangers and issues that can occur while around these screens. The first issue is that they can hold sometimes lethal charges. Its sometimes debated over how "lethal" these charges can be. But its generally agreed that its better safe than sorry to take the proper protective measures for your own safety. There is no reason to be scared of CRTs as long as you obey the safety rules and NEVER work on these CRTs while they are turned on, DON'T handle a CRT by the neck of the tube, ALWAYS handle it by the base wit
  7. Great news everyone I got it working. I had to use a temperature set solder iron but with the right type of solder, it worked fine! Now it boots up in 3 seconds instead of minutes. I also plan to do a Caps replacement repair in early 2020!
  8. What should I set the temperature on the iron? I also decided to purchase a massive set of caps to replace the old ones with. This will be my first repair of this scale!
  9. Ok, update : I'm going to the hardware store tomorrow and getting a Temp Controlled solder iron with a grounding plug if possible, some rosin core solder that contains lead, and solder wick. I also have the tools to open it already and am prepared to discharge it.
  10. I found out it works after you give the machine some time to heat up I bet this is caused by the solder joints heating up and expanding. Good news It works Fine. In the meantime I even got the printer working!
  11. So I need an iron with Temp controls, some solder that contains lead and possibly some solder wick? What is the price range for all of this?
  12. I got a macintosh plus off of eBay for about 400$. The owner said it was working when he sent it but when it arrived it seems to have broken solder joints. He may have lied or it got damaged in shipping for some reason. The picture appears for just a split second when thumping it on the side. I have seen others with this problem and it seems to always be the analog board's Solder joints. I wanted to know what steps do I take and what solder iron should I use? preferably one that would be cheap and affordable.
  13. I have a plan 1 New Capacitors 2 New flyback 3 New mask + Trace patches I will try what I can to save it because I can't afford a new board. Any other things you suggest?
  14. Here I believe this is what happened. It started on the frame and spread on to the board.
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