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  1. Ebay fodder. If my Beige G3 works out like I hope, I won't need the 6100. G3 came pretty loaded and not much more money. Waaaay faster. I think it's a good bridge machine. USB card even.
  2. Someone had installed a second ROM SIMM in it. LOL. It had two. Same part number. Totally different looking tho so it fooled me. Different PCB, different chips, stickers, etc. Even country of origin. This reminds me of the pinball machine someone had added an extra ball to. Messed up the game logic until I figured that one out.
  3. Writing this up at my blog. https://rcbullock.blogspot.com/2018/12/scsi2sd-powermac-6100-68k-mac-notes.html Got an FTP server up. Mainly it's going to be sort of a test bed/bridge for older Macs. It's UGLY but I got it sans hard drive for $23 shipped.
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