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  1. While @switch998 said, "Don't worry about cleaning it", I couldn't help myself. This is the 6115CD after dishwasher detergent, scrubbing with a brush, a lot of Goo Gone, and some paper towel + baking soda scrubbing. The only thing I didn't do was bust out the flat razor to try to scrape away all of the crusty sticker residue that the Goo Gone didn't cut through. I figured I'd share, just for closure.
  2. Yeah, I've considered this! I do have some RAM slot clips as well. I'll post them soon (another thread). Acknowledged! I'll get a set shipped out for you shortly.
  3. Fantastic! Thank you!
  4. Yes, absolutely. Yours for the cost of shipping. I'll scrub the top case down and take some good photos, so we can evaluate whether it is worth it to you or not. I'd be happy to ship the whole machine, or just the parts you need out of it.
  5. Congrats on getting an SE/30! Seeing alkaline batteries in there makes me cringe, a bit. I've seen far too many Alkaline batteries leak inside Game Boy consoles to trust them. If it were me, I think I'd remove those, get a proper 1/2 AA PRAM battery holder, and solder it in. Whether you actually want to install a battery is completely up to you. I have yet to hear of a modern PRAM battery blowing up, and if I plan to store a Mac for more than a few months, I pop the battery out. I question whether modern 1/2 AA batteries even have the right chemistry type to blow up, but that is pr
  6. The search is on. --- A few more developments! My wife bought me a Mac ROM-inator II! I wasn't happy with the paperclip or rubber band solutions, so after a handful of little prototypes, I came up with this! I also went ahead and boosted it to 128mb of RAM. Yes... it's silly. But it's done. Next, I'll be installing System 7.5.5 on it, and installing my Ethernet card. Until I can find a donor board to harvest an ASC from, that issue is going to have to go on the backburner.
  7. I've created some 3D printed "ROM Clips" that hold a Mac ROM-inator II in place on the SE/30. More info (and discussion) here:
  8. I wasn't a big fan of the "rubber band" or "paperclip" brace solutions for the Mac ROM-inator II, so I decided to make some 3D printed clips for it. They press down over the top of the ROM-inator II and ROM SIMM slot, firmly bracing the ROM in an upright position. They use a simple friction fit. There are two ways you can get it: 1. Head over to Prusa Printers and get the STL, 3MF, or GCODE and print it for yourself! Enjoy! 2. Send me a DM, and I'll send you a set for $3 plus shipping. Not really inte
  9. If you get completely stuck, I have designed some 3D printed braces that hold the RAM SIMMs. They simply press into place, firmly holding the SIMM upright. I've been using them on my SE/30 with total success. I could easily send you a couple. I've been meaning to post the files but haven't got around to it.
  10. I've checked all of the lines from the ASC chip back to various places like the GLUE, FPU, and PDS. No problems found. I guess I'd better start hunting for a donor board? Thanks! Yes, I plan to make the STL's available.
  11. Adrian's Digital Basement recently did a video on rejuvenating dim Macintosh CRT's. Might be worth holding onto the dim one and not tossing it.
  12. Looks like a bed adhesion problem on that one side. I'm impressed, 0.2mm is teeny tiny!
  13. That is just tragic. I am very sorry about your Performa 476. I do have an eBay success story to share. I bought a 12" RGB monitor, and since the seller had "Best Offer", I made him an offer very close to the asking price, but put a note asking them to carefully pack it since these are known to get destroyed in shipping. I was very specific, asking them to double-box it, tightly package it, and leave plenty of space on all sides. They came back with a counter-offer for the exact same price, saying that they could single-box it tightly in robust foam material with lots of paddi
  14. Thank you very much for creating this schematic. I will be using it extensively over the next few days to troubleshoot a sound issue on my SE/30! The Apple schematic was readable, but working through the blur of it added an extra layer to the cognitive challenge of buzzing traces.
  15. Yes! I am doing a bit of final tweaking to the design but plan to release it soon. The STL will of course be free for anyone who has a printer, and if someone wants to buy a printed part from me, I'd be happy to run one off for them. Please keep reminding me to get everything posted. Thank you very much for this suggestion! But please loop me in on the new thread, I'd like to watch the discussion. --- Back to the SE/30! Sadly, I'm in a bit of a holding pattern right now. If anyone has recommendations, please let me know. There is no chime on startup, jus
  16. It was advertised in "as-is, not working" condition, with the symptom being "green LED, no picture". As I suspected, all it needed was to be plugged into a Mac!
  17. I sliced it for a 0.25mm nozzle, just for fun. It would probably work, but I don't think you'd get quite as nice of a part as what you'd get from a resin printer or Shapeways. Plus I like the Stephen gets a bit from Shapeways, maybe enough for a coffee every now and then!
  18. Thank you very much for your generous contribution. If you don't have your own printer and need a mounting bracket for a SCSI2SD v5.1 or v6, please let me know and I'll gladly drop one in the mail for you, no charge.
  19. Great news! As you can see, the kids have already commandeered the LCII to play SimCity 2000 on it. Which runs absolutely horrible, by the way... but they don't know that. As for the 12" RGB monitor, I found it on eBay. Condition was "as-is, not working". Green LED came on but no picture. $30 offer accepted, plus $40 shipping. I asked the seller to package is extra-well, and they totally delivered. I was shocked at the amount of effort they put in. So... I gotta take it apart to retrobrite at some point but I'll probably wait awhile. I'm a bit burned out on
  20. Most desktop printers are "FDM" (Fused Deposition Modeling) of "FFF" (Fused filament fabrication, same thing as FDM just no trademark). They print by extruding plastic through a nozzle, typically 0.4mm in diameter. While your stepper motors give you a ton of X/Y resolution, the nozzle size is an important factor. Here's what happens when you slice those for an FFF printer with a 0.4mm nozzle: ' As you can see, the top structure isn't even complete, as the slicing software doesn't have enough geometry to reconcile a toolpath. Now with a resin prin
  21. Sadly I did not. I ended up sending it back to my friend. I think I found a reference on the internet saying that there was a surface-mount component that is likely to fail, and I deemed it too high-risk. I wish I had come back and written down my findings here, but at the time it was speculation only.
  22. More progress today! I modeled up a SCSI2SD bracket for it. I designed it to fit in SE's, Classics, and LC-series machines. On LC-series machines, it will mount to the chassis with the board facing up. In a Classic II, SE, or SE/30, it will mount with the SCSI logo facing up. I started that on the printer in grey, which I think will look nice in the machine. You also probably remember that one of my RAM slots is broken. I tweaked my "RAM Clip" design a bit and ran set of those off on my Prusa MINI.
  23. @erichelgeson If you think you'll have spare parts that you won't be using, I have a short "shopping list": Forementioned floppy parts Hard drive bracket + two screws Short SCSI cable The three screws that hold the expansion bracket on The last three items were sadly missing from my SE/30 when I got it. If you plan to pull those parts out of your SE/30 and don't have other plans, let me know. Would happily pay for them. If you decide to do the CRT thing... would love to see the process.
  24. Thanks @erichelgeson! I'm happy to report that I've found some success, but not how I expected. The machine came with 4x256kb sticks in Bank A. I was under the impression that you must use larger sticks of memory in Bank A, and smaller sticks in Bank B. This source in particular notes that you must also put something in Bank B if you plan to use 4x16mb. As you'll see in a moment, it turns out that the RAM configurations for the SE/30 are all over the place, as you can see documented here and also here by @jessenator. I tried 4x16mb in Bank A, and nothing in Bank B. Hori
  25. I received 64 mb of RAM today from a seller on eBay. When putting it in Bank A with nothing in B, it did a horizontal zebra strip pattern and a never-ending loud chime thing. Horrible! I tried doing 16mb x 4 in Bank A, and 256kb x 4 in Bank B. No fix. Then I tried 256kb x 4 in Bank A, and 16mb x 4 in Bank B. It worked! Before installing MODE32, System 7.0 (plan to upgrade) showed 2 MB of RAM. After installing MODE32, activating it, and rebooting, it now shows 65mb! Curiously, the machine seems to do the RAM count during the Happy Mac icon, not before the Ha
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