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  1. Congratulations Sam! Looking forward to receiving your IIci board for recapping! I’ll document the whole thing here, of course.
  2. Good news, @sclements made the 8 hour drive yesterday and got it! I'll bet he will post an update.
  3. Watch out for this "sclements" guy. Totally shady. He keeps mailing me SE and SE/30 Ethernet cards for no reason at all, and I know there's a catch somewhere! But seriously, Sam is a super good friend of mine, and a hoarder caretaker of vintage Macs. If you live anywhere near Hilton Head, SC and can help out, we'd appreciate it very much. This collection is currently sitting in a pretty volatile location where it could get thrown away before Sam can get to it.
  4. The paint on the metal shield was pretty scratched up, so I decided to pull it off, sand it with 320 grit sandpaper, 600 grit sandpaper, and paint with an all-purpose spray paint. I think it came out pretty good. Darker than I intended.
  5. It's here! As planned, I'm running S-Video from my analog consoles > S-Video switch > Pass through PVM > RetroTINK 2X > LCD TV. There might be a teeny tiny loss of quality by the time it hits the LCD but I am not sure. That's about 6 * 3 = 18 feet of cable before it terminates, so if I can, I'm going to find shorter ones. For "only" a 500-TV-line display, with "only" S-Video, I am really happy with how it looks! The pictures don't quite capture it, but they get you close. I also tried out some 4
  6. New models are posted! Models: https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/35592-macintosh-se30-rom-clips Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/840042244/macintosh-se30-rom-clips
  7. Update: the PVM is in the back of my brother's car. Sadly won't be heading this way until Monday.
  8. Please do! I'd love to hear more about it! Yes, professional video monitors are super, super desirable for retro videogames. But, they're kinda like a Macintosh Color Classic. To 99 percent of the population, they're just junk, so saving them before they go into the landfill is half the battle. If you want to know why they're special, check out this video by My Life in Gaming.
  9. I do have a battery-bombed SE/30 board here with slot Type C on it (see the Type C photo above). It was gifted to me by someone here at 68kmla for parts. But yeah, I don't know if it's common at all (sounds like it isn't), or if the BMOW ROM fails in it. I do have a basic design done for Type C but it doesn't quite fit yet. Needs a bit of tweaking.
  10. It was intended to be more about "hang out" time than an instructional video. I personally can't watch recorded live streams after the fact - something about watching it happen live is entertaining, but when it's done, I'm just not interested. And if I can solder one of those up, anybody can!
  11. Quick update! I spoke with Steve at Big Mess O' Wires and sent him some clips - it turns out that there are at least two variants of white, all-plastic SIMM slots. So now, I have "Type A" and "Type B" clips available. I also made them both compatible with stock SE/30 ROM SIMMs, so you can use this with a stock ROM if you've broken a clip on your ROM SIMM slot. Type A Type B ' Which brings me to Type C (all-black with metal clips). Does that SIMM slot ever fail? Does anyone have issue
  12. Okay, first off I am shocked to hear that not one, but two people on the forum have the same PVM! I didn't think this one was that popular or common! As for the RGB mod... maybe at some point, we can do a better job at documenting this! Although right now, I must admit that I'm pretty content with S-Video. Probably an American thing. GUNS, APPLE PIE, HAMBURGERS, TRUCKS AND S-VIDEO! HECK YEEEAAAAHHHHHH 'MURICA!!!!! But seriously, I love knowing that RGB is possible on this display. It might even be as simple as a small flexible tab on the front panel! It's just nice to
  13. I dug around on the Wayback Machine a bit, and found a bit of information about the mod. The instructions are not very detailed - basically just a list of components.
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