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  1. Tell me you replaced that pram battery. It's not a maxcell but still.....
  2. i have the same setup as you, and i have recapped mb and ps. had issue getting link. it was too long of a cat6 cable. Went from 10' to 4' and it worked. maybe a bad cable?
  3. Go over and submit a photo of your running rig for karma! https://www.reddit.com/r/retrobattlestations/
  4. I can look the next time I have the SE/30 open- but I will say it must be one of the later ones because the daughter board has Thick, Thin AND 10BT on it. So 10BT was around. Perhaps the cards that came before- that only have Thick and thin, and use the Thick converters to 10BT have issues... Just a guess.
  5. There is no need for an old switch. I've connected my SE/30 with an Asante/Net card to many modern 1000/100/10 switches that I have in my house. Cisco and Netgear. Every switch I've ever seen goes back down to 10bT... Now, I wouldn't plug it directly in to the router, but get a $20 1000/100/10 Netgear 5 port switch on Amazon, so you can use it for other things. As for DHCP your Se/30 with MacTCP isn't going to do it. Maybe OT will get an address, but MacTCP you need to manually configure it. At least my MacTCP won't pick up any DHCP offers from modern versions of dhcpd.
  6. Oh is it a re-listed item? Get someone in CT to go over and eyeball that box and the tape....
  7. Some lucky person- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Twentieth-Anniversary-Macintosh-NEVER-OPENED-/252030242245?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 Unopened TAM.
  8. Here in Philly- after receiving thousands of packages in my life, from every shipper I think this about covers it: UPS is total crap. They are jerks, they don't knock, they lie and destroy almost everything they touch. Fedex is the complete opposite, they are reliable and I've never had any issue with shipping or receiving from them. USPS - just ship little things or you will be sorry. I'm sure it different in various areas of the country, or even in different cities. But here in Philly please ship to me Fedex!
  9. Of course, none of the speed marketing for either format matters, given that blazing SCSI chip on the SE/30 mobo.
  10. I've always had a liking for the CF cards- I never had one go bad. CF cards are ATA devices, with controllers. SD is something completely different. http://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/38887/why-are-cf-cards-so-much-more-expensive-than-sd-cards
  11. Yes, well thank you for the great recapping work that keeps this humming along. I just plugged things back together!
  12. So I finally got around to finishing the build on my SE/30. It was a Cragislister that I got about 10 years ago for $30 and had it at work for fun. Slowly the scsi went and then no sound. I got a re-cap from uniserver, and also traded some stuff for a re-capped analog board. I also had a decent tube in a SE that I wanted in the Se/30- it has less burn in than the tube on the SE/30 now (but it does have a little burn in). The final piece was the HD- I had the above pieces to assemble but didn't bother with it becasue the SE/30 was running fine after the re-cap, but the original HD was a tic
  13. OK, it was the yolk. I, uh, forgot to plug in it's giant power plug back into the analog board- it was close, but not plugged in. So that is what it looks like with no power to those magnets- just a bright point of light in the middle of the screen It's all good now. I'll make a fresh post with picts.
  14. Yeah, uni has already capped the mobo. It's been working fine. I'm just putting in a better analog board and tube now. I'll check the yoke and the deflection cable- that is the red cable right? The tube is from one system, the analog board is from another- it's all going together into the SE/30 case so that is where I am putting this together.
  15. Hello- I'm fixing my SE/30- I swapped in a new tube from a good SE and a new re-built analog board. I power it up now and I get a nice startup chime, but the video is just a single point of light. I checked connections and things look ok, what is going on?
  16. This posting just made me laugh. Can you image shelling out $100 for this? http://delaware.craigslist.org/sys/4724715664.html
  17. I have this in my se/30: http://www.micromac.com/products/diimo_030.html and it works great. Their webpage is up, and they have an order form- are they really still in business?
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