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  1. Hi everyone, I visited my local computer thrift last week and found this PowerMac G5 7,2 for just $30. At first it seemed like just any other PowerMac G5, but what's interesting about it is the specs... It's the original 2003 PowerMac 7,2, with the most expensive processor configuration, the Dual 2.0GHz. It also has 4GB of ram. So, it's the M9032 model. It also has the super rare ATI Radeon X850 XT in it. That's really hard to find! So, this thing is really decked out. Here's some pictures: Now, all of this is
  2. Thanks! No, I haven’t needed to retrobrite anything. I have been quite lucky.
  3. Well, that little eject gear connected to the spindle motor broke totally... But I didn't give up on this unit! I found a gear (old broken CD changer) that was the perfect teeth size, and after some widening of the hole, the gear fits and works better than the old! I always figured I wouldn't get far on that old gear... But now, it will last for a long time!
  4. Ok, so I did end up replacing many caps, and after a lot of testing. It has no issues at all. I love this thing!!!! Also, It seems to have no issues reading CD-R's. I tried many of varying brands and scratch levels, and it works fine.
  5. ...To each his own I guess... I am amazed at this new software. My CD SC plays audio cd's great, and the CD remote desk accessory is so neat! So glad I bought this rare piece to add to my collection. Thanks everyone for your help!
  6. Just to let you know, Rubbing alcohol will fog the laser lens, and It is a bit too strong for such a delicate application. Rotating a dry q-tip in a rolling fashion on the lens is the best. I do know that sound doesn't pass through the scsi, I was wondering about a controller, and now (thanks to you guys), I have that controller (software). Unit reads normal CD audio without any issues, and CD-R's don't work. At all. After cleaning the lens, I should be able to lower the focus gain.
  7. Ok thanks. I did investigate some of the caps, they seem to be ok. I should probably check out the bottom board as well. can I use the headphones jack?
  8. Hi, I acquired a CD SC for a good price. The little eject gear was split and needed to be repaired and the focus gain was a bit low. Now, It works fine. I've used it to boot 7.5.1 on the SE, but my question is, system 6 seems to be more or less dumb of this device. I gave it a driver, and every disk I insert is either the wrong formatting or needs repairs. What was this thing used for in '88? Is there any way to get audio CD support on system 6? Thanks!
  9. Interesting... I did place a jumper on the drive because it wouldn't startup at all without it. Maybe that jumper 5 is what I ended up activating. Thanks for the info.
  10. Hi, I have an old 40sc that I just finished refurbishing. It all works very well. Here is the drive in my setup. I retr0Brited the case, and changed out the hard drive. I replaced the old quantum Q250 with an IBM P-series 857mb. The interesting thing, is that the power supply of the 40sc has permanently modified the hard drive. When I first got the IBM drive, I could plug it in to any standard power supply and it would fire up immediately. After I connected the hard disk to the power supply of the 40sc, it would no longer fire up at
  11. Question... i just got a 40sc. And the original 40mb quantum 5.25 drive was dead. It wouldn’t format in us sc or anything. then I used lido 7, and it worked! Now, I was able to put system 6 on it and it seems to work fine. is the drive still bad, or is it possible that it just corrupted the data and needed to be re-partitioned...
  12. Thanks for clearing this up. That really did help. I agree with your conclusion. I am going to look into it more once I get my 40SC up and running.
  13. That I understand. I think that the drive itself is broken in some way though. Simply because of regardless what slot the good drive is in, it will always work the same.
  14. It's not intermittent. It's like clockwork. Every single time you place the disk in the one drive, it will magically work on the drive that doesn't usually see 800k/400k. Every time, no exceptions. The drive isn't bad, it has no read/write issues with 1.44 disks.
  15. I have cleaned and maintenance both, and I have also used only one or the other in a single drive setup... with the same results. I will tell you this, if I pop an 800k/400k in the drive that won't read them, let finder kick it out, place it in the one that will work, and then place it back in the one that doesn't work, It will then read the disk just fine! But this is only if the both drives are present! If you are using just the older drive that won't work, than it will never read a disk. I believe this is a glitch with this particular drive. I am convince
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