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  1. so... does anyone have a good source for these? already had 1 order get cancelled because they couldn't find stock from their supplier
  2. Ok so i disconnected the internal floppy at the motherboard. "disk cannot be initialized because it is locked!" over and over. I was getting this message before also. I am not seeing the external drive initialize dialog anymore though. What are Bourns filters?
  3. Hi all, I have a SE/30 that i've had for a while, 64mb, ethernet, etc.. Recapped it about a month ago and it was working fine. Just last week I put in a SCSI2SD with a 4gb card, put on 7.5.5 and was in the process of copying over all my old zip disks contents to it. So today i turn it on to play some Shanghai and i am greeted with the dialog "This disk is unreadable, do you want to initialize?" I have not been using floppies with this system, and even weirder is that the dialog icon was specifically pointing to an external disk drive. Clicking cancel just
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