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  1. The Last time i saw one was on ebay about 2months ago and it sold for 150.
  2. Dust in the mac world is both your friend and your enemy. Dust gets in the floppy drive it doesent work properley, you have to much dust in the fan it sounds awful, you have to fix one of those hellish-like quantum lps prodrives and you get to much dust on it its ruined. But if you have leaky caps dust may be your best friend spotting out all the corrosive cap fluid.
  3. I have a 640cd dos compatable i believe it used to be in a pre-school or kindergarden as it has a bunch of old educational dos games on it. The hd might need to be replaced tough because it rarely boots up and when i boot from cd it says the hd needs to be initalized. It probaly just needs a re-install but i would hate to get rid of all the old games so im just going to try my luck and hopefully the hd will decide to boot once more so i can hopefully copy the games on cd.
  4. Have you tried realigning the gears and replaceing the small plastic gear, that usualy causes the thing from ejecting correctly.
  5. The grease on the top of the floppy Drive solidified and wouldn't allow me to insert or eject disc
  6. Update: it works beautifully, goodbye disk swapping!!!!!!
  7. Yes i removed the plastic thingy. i had to get the top tray out without damageing the head. I actually just got the thing un-stuck so i will update you soon on that. But yes the part you point out was working
  8. Here skip to 4:16 the part he is moving is not moving for me http://youtu.be/OCPcc2LiBc
  9. I carefully detached the springs to clean the top tray yes. I reattached them to see if it would now work with the clean top tray but it was still stuck like glue and it refused to reject even with the gear box out. The bottom tray with the manual eject lever slides fine tough so i almost positive its the top tray. And yes the top tray is straight.
  10. Its possible but ive already inspected the all the gears and all of them were fine that most likely would have been the 1# cause of a stuck drive.
  11. Well i tryed cleaning off the greese with q-tips and alcohol for about 10 mins and the thing was still stuck. I then tryed running it under hot water but the thing was still solid. Is there any other methods you have.
  12. Ill plan on useing white lithum then thank you.
  13. Hey one more thing can i use wd-40 for lubecrant or no
  14. Thank you david i will clean the whole drive then. I will update you tomorrow Goodnight -blake
  15. Yes I have seen this video but he does not explain how to get old grease off. Also my drive is pretty clean and doesn't really need the sterilization or compressed air.
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