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  1. I'm wanting to get my PB180 back up to snuff. I've left it in a cabinet for awhile, and the battery had swollen up and is now leaking acid out of a crack in the casing, but thankfully I had removed it from the 'Book a few months ago. I'm in the process of getting another battery, but I had a question about the battery that's on the interconnect board. Is that worth replacing? Or should I just let it be? It's a plastic wrapped button cell with solder tabs on it, wouldn't be too hard to replace (If I could source a replacement, that is). I'm also still looking for a replacement elevation foo
  2. I found some places to keep eyes on for the displays, but I may be switching my focus to my PowerBooks for restoration. I got some RAM and checked out some of the parts in my machine. The graphics card is a GeForce 4MX 32MB that isn't immediately supported under OS 9. This may be reason to switch up to OS X. I only managed to get 1GB of known good RAM at the minute. I'm also running from an old iMac G3 hard disk while I burn a copy of OS 9. I'm still trying to find my Panther backups, or will have to see about buying a copy. That's where I think I've hit the roadblock. I have quite a f
  3. Thanks, mate! The RAM info is good, I was just looking at some of the cheaper stuff on eBay. And I reckon the IDE will be enough, then. The graphics card is not native to the machine, but does have that ADC port. I'll keep a look out for the LCD ones. Also, This G4 and my iMac G3 are the only older computers of any kind I've seen in my area since 2009. Despite the fact that I know that these type of computers were used down here, I believe they all got funneled into donation centers and thrift stores, where they probably got discarded for being too old. All of my other computers come f
  4. Hey all, I've got a Gigabit Ethernet model that I'm wanting to upgrade. It has the 500Mhz Dual Processor in it, and I believe it has a GeForce 2 or 3 in it. I also got it sans memory, and the SCSI card, hard disks, and hard disk 'caddy' is missing. It also has an upgraded DVD Burner in it, but it seems to just barely fit. Zip drive as well, but that's not as important. About a year or so back, I put the memory and hard drive from my iMac G3 into it, and ran OS 9.2 rather well on it. Everything seemed to work alright, but now that I have some better space to work with, I want to set all my
  5. I checked out PDA-Soft, and got pretty darn afraid. Possibly he was just writing to force cautiousness, but it was almost to the point I doubted my screen switch would work... But the screen was just scratched beyond my ADHD's forgiveness level, so I had to do the switch. And about an hour and a half later, I've got a pristine (minus one speck) screen that works perfectly. The contact points were preserved amidst the 'acidified' part just because of how tight the connection is. But in the end, it's looking A LOT nicer. I'm quite satisfied (and the 10$ newton I bought solely for the stylus
  6. Sorry for the bump, but I have a good question: So after looking around, I found a utility for OS 9 that can supposedly beam packages to the Newton's inbox via IR. As my only OS 9 computer with IR is currently not responding (very long story), I'm just planning in advance. If I can do this, I've got a major option that opens up. I noticed that my only ethernet card is a 3com 3cxe589et, which I think works with the ethernet card drivers. My Newton is a 2000 with the 2100 upgrade in it, so it can handle the internet connection stuff. After I get it all loaded up using the IR transfer, can I
  7. I had tried ShrinkWrap before, and found it not to work, even after I finally got Stuffit installed correctly. I'll have to give it another shot now. But another thing that will help massively is if this ZIP Disk drive works. I'll have to get my PowerMac G4 running again but hey, 100MB of pure storage is a lot nicer than 1.4MB...
  8. PM sent. I just realized the disk images thing you mentioned first. That'd work great, actually. I'd just have to find a way to get all the images over to the drive and then get a working boot disk...oh, and make sure I've got the right image mounting software (one of the banes of the 7.5.3 install: no disk copy, no stuffit, nothing).
  9. What I'm trying to do is load System 7 Pro onto the PowerBook 180. I've got a set of disk images that are Sys7Pro, and after some major tweaking, they're into a format where Windows and Rawrite can handle them. I edited the disk tools image to contain the System Enabler 131 so it could boot correctly. In a random attempt at doing a straight Sys7Pro install, I copied the system folder from the Disk Tools disk to the hard drive, and behold, the Mac could boot without a floppy, and could run the installer disks. I start going through a full install because it detected I had a PowerBook 180 an
  10. So, I have a PB180 that was running 7.5.3 for awhile, but that didn't work out so well because of how slow it was. I had been told to try putting System 7 Pro on it, so just recently in a massive clean, I got everything back together for another try. I got the System 7 Pro disk images from when I was first working on it. I have them all written to floppies, but the install disk isn't bootable. I made the disk tools bootable by putting the 131 enabler in the system folder, but wasn't sure where to go from there. I tried a few things, but the most successful one ended in an installation error ri
  11. I know about NCU and the other ways of syncing stuff after I get the newton connected, but my major problem is connecting it. That's why I mentioned all that stuff. If really the only thing I can do is grab a serial adapter or something, I guess I'll be looking for that, but if I can do it any other way, please let me know.
  12. Amazingly, I found my Newton that I had 'lost' at college. Put it in a drawer, then never saw it again. It ended up back at the house, but as I wondered why I hadn't used it more, the realization flooded back: I had no way of syncing this thing to any computer I had. Its a MP2000 with the 2100 upgrade, all pretty much intact (but the 'rubberized' stuff on the plastic is wearing off), and I even have the dock-to-serial and fax modem with it, but alas, no serial cable or anything. I had seen quite a few applications that I'd love to use, and would have made the Newt a little more useful
  13. Verbose didn't give any clues, it just would not load. I decided to take the plunge with it and used the hard drive from my Pismo (which honestly doesn't get as much use as my other laptops). I've got a 10GB the Pismo will take and run OS 9 just fine. So about an hour and a half's work later, the iBook is reassembled with a 40GB Hitachi on board. The Pismo was running Tiger very slugishly, but after putting it in the iBook...night and day. Still only using 256MB of RAM, but the 1.2Ghz G4 must have worked wonders. The computer could run MacTubes to play some music, have a CD copying in
  14. I got what I thought was an absolute steal today: An iBook G4 in amazing condition for 30$. I had no assurance on the computer's working state, but was willing to take that shot (I'm in need of another laptop...and G4s seem to be my favorites). Well, I get it home and plug it in, and surprisingly it charges the battery and would turn on and chime for me. And would go (very slowly) through the motions of booting. It could get to the blue screen and show the Mac OS progress bar thing, and I could move my mouse around...but then it stops there. I never lose control of the mouse, it never
  15. Well what do you know! One extremely dodgy logic board and about 2 hours worth of disassembly/reassembly, I've got the Mac back! Awesome. Thanks to all you guys for helping out with this. I will say though, that last time I checked, the thing said 450Mhz. After looking all over for 450 G4 upgrades for Pismo, I found like...none. Now System profiler says 500Mhz... :shrug: ??? Either way, it works, and I'm very glad.
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