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  1. Hey everyone, got my second TAM recently and it was getting a black screen on boot, chime but no picture. While troubleshooting I unfortunately knocked it over and cracked the screen. Horrible moment in time! Anyway, I just replaced the screen with one from a 3400c that was tested and working...Just booted it and same thing, good chime, but then no display, just black. also, and possibly related, I can't tell if HDD is spinning up or not. I have also reset the cuda a few times to no avail. Any help appreciated! Thanks everyone
  2. Got it working everyone! I believe the problem was the extra pin on the adapter, broke it off and voila. Card is now partitioned into two volumes, 7.6.2 on one of them, and 9.1 on the other. Thanks!
  3. Hey thanks! Well it didn't fit in the hdbracket directly as the screw holes didn't line up. Ended up using some peel and stick Velcro on the adapter and the hard drive bracket to connect the two. This adapter isn't the kind that's like a bare PCB, it's in a plastic case. But duly noted, if I put it back in I will make sure to find a way to make it shielded
  4. Hey everyone, so I replaced the HDD with a CF in my new TAM, used an IDE to CF adapter. Booted it up and nothing, black screen. Fan spun up, I believe it tried to read the CD which was the restore disc, also tried an OS 8 disc, and nothing. Went back to the old HDD and no problems. Any ideas? Was I not hitting the right combo of keys? Can it not see my CF card? I did notice that the IDE cable had a little plug in one hole that I had to pull to get the CF adapter to go on but I used parts that were recommended here in an older post. Any help? Protocol? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the photos of the crescendo! I am going to look for the 400mhz upgrade, have heard that the 300 and 350 aren't very noticeable. Obviously the 500mhz would be ideal, but apparently they are rarely seen in the wild! Wonder what kind of monitor I can drive with the video card?
  6. Hey everyone, got my hands on a TAM recently, was in much better shape than advertised. Had all the original boxes, plastic wrap, foam, everything. Even the apple logo decals were still on their sheet! Had all sorts of accessories like an extra back, a riser card for the comm slot and also what appears to be an extra pci riser card as it already has one installed. In the PCI slot right now is a Twin turbo 128m/m2 and I had a Apple 10BASE-T Ethernet CSII Twisted-Pair Card in a 6500 that I was able to transfer over to the comm slot. That same 6500 had a PCI riser card that had two PCI slo
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