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  1. I bought it to use it. It didn't cost much, and it seemed kind of silly to hoard it away and bequeath it to my grandchildren. I just think I got lucky in finding a brand new one for a reasonable price. D. EDIT: This is my third zip drive. I have two SCSI and one USB for various uses, including the abovementioned vintage samplers.
  2. I don't think they're rare. Some eBay sellers ask crazy prices for them, presumably because of their use with some popular vintage samplers. It's still nice to find a brand new one though, rare or not.
  3. Never been opened, still wrapped in cellophane. Almost seems a pity to open the box and use it... .D
  4. Hi all, I've been playing with mine a bit more and I can confirm my previous results: - It works well and reliably in the Quadra 650 with System 7.6.1. It can read, write and boot. The only software I have that is able to format it is HDT 1.3PE. Everything else refuses. Only LUN 0 works. The others are recognized by SCSIProbe, but is "not a Macintosh volume". I have no machines that have SCSI that can run System 9, so this is as far as I can go. - The Quadra 700 could read from the disk but when I tried to write to it, the result was flaky behavior and in the end a hosed disk. It c
  5. Yes, I recently realised that this probably the problem. I havent't bothered to do anything about it yet Thanks, Daniel
  6. Do you mean that everything is working except the sound, or that it is not working at all? D.
  7. That seems a very complicated setup for something which may be a lot simpler. Why don't you just connect the Quadra via an ethernet cable to your wireless router? This works with both my Q650 and Q700. I use static IP addresses. If this doesn"t work, then try the more complicated setup.
  8. This is true. I was actually wondering whether there might be a bad connection behind the power socket itself. But doesn't it also mean that my problem is most likely not a dying capacitor?
  9. Hi all, I was reading this post : http://68kmla.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=18421&p=175550#p175550 where Dennis suggests that someone's Macintosh TV is not working because the power cord is not properly plugged in. Since i have long suspected this might be the case with my Mac Plus, and since I knew that the screen flickering was somewhat intermittent, I used as much force as I dared to really mash the plug into the socket. It has not flickered since. Is this even remotely possible? D.
  10. Hi, I have a couple of old small SD cards that I could use, if I had a PCMCIA adapter. That actually sounds like a plausible explanation - we tend to forget nowadays how huge a 2GB drive would have seemed in 1991. This could easily explain the behavior of the Mac Plus and the Q700.
  11. Hi, I rather doubt that that is the problem; it does after all work well with the Quadra 650. I just tested the Q700 with the zip drive and it seems to work perfectly. I was able to format a disk, install a system on it and boot the machine from it. I am rather relieved that the Q700 doesn't seem to be at fault here. Any flakiness is this undoubtedly the fault of the drive. Could this simply be a function of the age of the machine? It doesn't work at all with the Mac Plus, it works partially with the Q700, and it works well with the Q650.
  12. Hi all, My Quadra 700 seems to have a serious problem writing to the CF card, but seems to be able to read from it OK. I haven't done any serious diagnostics yet. I'll try writing to a zip drive to see if the SCSI port is working OK. Hard disk reads and writes seem OK. The Q650 was reading and writing OK from the SF drive the last time I checked. Anyone ever seen anything similar?
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