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  1. Here’s an article from someone who got this running on an SE/30: https://metalbabble.wordpress.com/2020/03/31/classic-mac-web-surfin-with-web-rendering-proxy-wrp/
  2. Wow, it sure does. Genius. Thank you!
  3. Anyone know of an easy way to make an ADB Apple Keyboard II (which has no Escape key) to act as if I pressed Escape? I like the convenience of it acting as a shortcut for the Cancel key in a lot of dialog boxes under later flavors of System 7. I swear there must be an Extension or something to do this, but I can’t find it.
  4. Yeah very early on Apple referred to sliders as “dials” but it never really stuck. Where did you see that last paragraph you quoted? I don’t see it in my copy of Inside Macintosh. Anyway it’s wrong - the only “dial” defined in ROM is the standard-issue scroll bar, I promise.
  5. If you want to change the drop shadow of the window without eliminating the whole window, I would use the plain-rectangle window type with no shadow. Then, I would CopyBits(the window’s rect plus a little extra for the shadow) to an offscreen buffer, and draw the shadow myself outside the window (using the WMgrPort). Then when I close the window, I would use CopyBits() from the offscreen port to restore whatever was there under the shadow. There is no built-in support for arbitrary shaped buttons. You would need to write your own CDEF (control definition function) for a rectangu
  6. If from Chinese distributors, I am pretty sure those are knockoffs, not genuine SCSI2SDs.
  7. Yeah I think that’s because Dark Castle used the alternate screen buffer for some of its animations (fireplace possibly; rippling water and lighting in the intro scene definitely). That was deprecated sometime after the Mac Plus. It would have caused a crash if not patched, maybe that’s what some of the later versions did.
  8. You didn’t mention it, but I assume of course you have confirmed the voltage level is correct/adjusted it with the pot. Have you checked The Dead Mac Scrolls? p. 39 “The computer makes a high-pitched chirp chirp chirp noise” —> replace the barrel rectifier at CR5, he says. But there are other symptoms in there that could plausibly match what you’re seeing also. https://archive.org/details/mac_The_Dead_Mac_Scrolls_1992
  9. +1. AbeBooks (which is owned by Amazon!) is the place to get such things. Never Amazon proper.
  10. This IS cool. Thanks. So, I’m not a hard drive expert, I appreciate that this seller opened one up to show the condition of the rubber bump stop ... is that the primary component that causes these to age into disrepair? In other words, do these sold spinning HDs start to have issues because of USE, or just because of AGE? Would we generally expect a NOS HD to still have many years of life ahead, as opposed to (say) a NOS SE/30, which would need recapping and floppy drive lubing and god help us if there was a a battery in there?
  11. Being pretty ignorant about this I am interested in learning more, why do you say so?
  12. I get this error: “This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location.” (I am in Chicago USA)
  13. Is that 1984 Mac sitting on a perfectly-sized custom-made pillar in the background, museum-style? Very nice.
  14. Slightly resurrecting here, but curious how everything ended up. I just started playing around with a 180c I’ve had for a while but haven’t used much. Works great except for these artifacts which tend to appear in horizontal streaks alongside any large white areas on the screen (moving around as windows/menus appear). I think it looks similar to your issue (but mine looks worse based on your pics). I assume this is likely to be fixable with a recap.
  15. Will Dark Castle even run on a IIsi or LC-series? I know it won’t run on my SE/30. I had thought it requires 512x342 and a pretty-old ROM but maybe I’m not giving it enough credit ...
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