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  1. unplugged the HD and it was just flashing a mac file so dunno if that booted the CD or not
  2. ohh ok so C or opiton key is to boot the CD drive right? if my CD drive it should load into the disc? or what cause i tried that and nothing and just goes into panic again so know any best way to do the intall *sorry for the questions*
  3. one hard drive is 13 GB with OSX 10.4 tiger but i get a skip symbol and the other HD is 120 GB with a 10.5 leap so guess that one wont work anyways but i cant use the drive? since its 120 or gotta be smaller?? other than that the first drive was pulled from a g3 but again giving me a skip symbol i also got a retail version of tiger/panther? 10.3
  4. alright boys im new to this old imac power pc stuff haha i got a free imac g3 i googled what type it is and i got M6665LL/A* Model M5183 PowerMac1,1 now it didnt come with a hard drive (not sure if that is good or bad) so i looked around found a HD with tiger installed but comes to find out it doesnt work now i found out it wont work with my model but any way i can use it to freshly install OSX or do i need to get OS 9 and a other HD that is is meant for this model? just need a helping hand here so i can get this baby booted up just want it working nothing fancy just to boo
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