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  1. Thanks! Yeh it seems to be pretty stable right now. If you come across an extra panel let me know, I would be interested. Thanks again.
  2. Tech - thanks again, as always. You are right, fluid leak around the ribbon cable inside the screen. I took off the shielding and played around, i used isopropyl to clean off the board as much as i could and there seemed to be a slight improvement. i then noticed part of the ribbon cable peeling up near the top arrow in the photo. i peeled it back and there was a lot of corrosion . I cleaned it and the laptop screen is dramatically better. I peeled all of the cable-ends back and clearned undeatheth (just the very end of the ribbon cable nearest the red arrow).
  3. Can you determine why this screen is doing this? All caps have been replaced on back of the screen and on inverter board. There has been no improvement or change since cap replacement. I've reseated the video cable several times on both ends without much effect. The top portion is always good, but the bottom sections have artifacts and flashes in and out. Thanks for any info!
  4. Thank you for the reply. The PRAM has been reset. The video cable has been reseated. The dark video persists. The brightness will work going down, and back up with the controls but it just doesn't get very bright. Are there any electrolytic capacitors to replace on the 500 PB series? Does the backlight bulb fade?
  5. I have a PB 540c with an active-matrix color display. Everything works but the screen is dark. The brightness buttons slightly make the brightness flicker when pressed but does not make the screen bright. I've read that I should replace the caps on the screen, which I've done on my PB 180 - but there are no electrolytic caps on the 520/540, correct? Should i have to replace the backlight bulb, if so, do we know of a common replacement model # that would work? Thanks!
  6. The "Startup Disk" app is not compatible with the Mac Plus. I have confirmed this to be true, and read it online, but I don't know exactly why it's true. Thank you.
  7. I want to force my Mac Plus to boot from a certain SCSI ID, where I have a chain that has multiple drives that contain system folders. I can't change the SCSI IDs of the drives due to other circumstances, so I want to force the Mac Plus to boot from a certain ID. As it is now, the Mac keeps booting from the wrong drive (the one with the larger ID #). Can I make a boot floppy that will tell the Plus to boot from a certain SCSI ID? Thanks!
  8. I cannot get my powerbook 540c (OS 7.5.5) to boot from a specific SCSI ID even when trying to manually select at boot (Command-Option-Shift-Delete-#). I have two different system drives on the same scsi chain, but it will always boot from the drive with the higher SCSI ID. If I manually change the drive IDs it will boot correctly, but this is inconvenient to accomplish as I use the drive on another machine that would need to be switched back every time. Can I manually set the boot SCSI ID in software? Thanks!
  9. I recently purchased a V5.0b SCSI2SD from Inertial Computing to be used in my Mac Plus. I cannot get the board to be recognized by a Win8 desktop. I've tried different USB ports on my computer, and different USB cables... The utility is always "Searching for device". Windows does not detect a new device. When plugged in at first, it blinks slow then quick and stops. I've tried to update the firmware, but still the utility cannot find the device ... "Searching for bootloader" the SCSI2SD is only being powered by the usb cable, either USB 2.0 or 3.0 have b
  10. Strange corrosion on the case frame - thick white powdery surface you can see in the first picture around the CPU. White corrosion uniform to the whole frame.....thinking i'll need to completely strip it down and clean it... maybe there's a metal cleaner i can use? No spill damage I can see....HDD, RAM, and CPU tested good on another machine. Screen is dead. Keyboard is in Japanese I think?
  11. Very helpful, thank you both. I didn't remove the stickers but I will replace them - thanks!!
  12. I won an Apple II "Plus" on a goodwill auction recently for around ~85 total. I don't typically collect these machines, and the last time i used one i think i was in middle school. It came with a stack of cards that i'm looking to identify. In the 3rd picture i can see one of them is a 16kb ram card, one is a disk drive controller, one is a printer interface card and that's about all i know . I don't know what any of the cards are in the 2nd picture. The Novation card looks interesting: Thanks for any info!
  13. I read somewhere in this forum that it's possible to transplant the screen from a Duo 230 into PB 100. Duo 230 Screen Built-in Display: 9.1" Grayscale Native Resolution: 640x400 Details: 9.1" grayscale passive-matrix (4-bit, 16 grays) Supertwist LCD with a 640x400 native resolution. PB 100 Screen Built-in Display: 9.0" Monochrome Native Resolution: 640x400 Details: 9.0" monochrome passive-matrix (1-bit) Supertwist LCD. Looks like roughly the right size, and resolution is correct, but would this work? I'm assu
  14. you guys got it, thanks. it was listed with a bunch of PB stuff so i assumed it was related. with the tip you gave me, i found a description of a similar card on ebay which matched my photo (note this is not the auction i'm bidding on):
  15. This is part of an auction I'm bidding on, but there is no info included in the auction, just this card in the picture:
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