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  1. I might have a few spare if you get stu I might have a few spare if you get really stuck. I can't imagine it would cost much to send them to Canada.
  2. I used a CY8CKIT-059 prototyping kit. It comes with a programmer and is super cheap. I'm actually in the process of making a YouTube video of the whole build.
  3. Please disregard this request, I figured it out. Thanks, Bruce
  4. I know this thread is a couple of years old, but I'm going down the path of building the v4.2 SCSI2SD for the mountain of beige Macs I have, and I'd appreciate any assistance. I can't seem to get the SCSI2SD to play nice. I can get the bootloader on there, I can load the firmware with the SCSI2SD Util, but the thing just doesn't seem to work properly. When I connect it to the Mac it makes it freeze. Perhaps I'm using the wrong Bootloader or something? Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks, Bruce
  5. So when you run HD SC Setup, does it recognise the SCSI2SD drive at all? What happens when you try and format it? Have you tried any other formatting utilities such as Hard Disk Toolkit, Silverlining or Lido?
  6. Can you provide a screen snap of your SCSI2SD settings from SCSI2SD Util? What software did you use to format the drive?
  7. They are. I shaved some of the plastic off with a file. They're also narrower, but that didn't stop them from fitting.
  8. Slight update to my post. That original link is incorrect, and this is the correct item: https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/ir-leds/1713858/ Although functionally the same, the other ones are slightly the wrong size and required a bit of fiddling to get them in. The link in this post is the correct size. Incidentally, replacing these did fix my faulty mouse (hooray!) Thanks, Bruce
  9. Answered my own question: https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/ir-leds/8768741
  10. The cost of the card plus postage would be about €15. I'm not sure if that's worth it.
  11. Let me know if you'd like me to send you a pre-formatted SD card, with a Color Classic system pre-installed.
  12. Although I appreciate that the capacitors are probably not the cause in this instance, please get it recapped ASAP. The Color Classic is one of the worst for getting damaged by capacitor leakage.
  13. Have you updated the SCSI2SD to the latest firmware? (4.8.03) I'm just trying to rule everything out.
  14. Hi all, I have an M0100 mouse and one (or more) of the emitter LEDs are shot, so the cursor isn't moving properly. Are these little LEDs still available to buy? Or is there a modern alternative?
  15. Are you able to post a photo of the exact message you're getting from Lido? I've never known it to have any issues formatting a SCSI2SD volume. What version of Lido is it? You shouldn't even need to change the vendor or product ID of the SCSI2SD with Lido.
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