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  1. I ended up dusting off an old G5 Powermac I had lying around. It turns out that all Macintosh files are put into .sit files because if the touch any file system other than Mac OS's then it messes them up. So I was able to put OS9 in classic mode (on my G5 running Tiger 10.4.11) then I downloaded a later version of stuffit expander - 5.5 I think and I was able to get those pesky files open! Is there a floppy disk emulator that runs on top of System 7.0? Sometimes when I extract .sit files it includes a .dsk image. It would be nice if I could mount that image when inside of Syste
  2. StuffIt 3.5 can’t see some .sit fires. I tried to install Aladin StuffIt 5.something and I don’t have 8mb or RAM on my 4mb SE. is there another software repository where everything for 68k is stored in floppy format (.dsk)? I am using SCSI2SD and Floppy Emu. Thanks.
  3. I just read through the CRT guide posted above and most of the talk revolved around the CRT and Analog board compatibility. My question is will the connector from the analog board work with any logic board? I understand that some boards are larger or smaller than others but my question is if they are interchangeable. I read somewhere sometime that an SE can be "upgraded" by putting in a SE/30 logic board (PDS slot size issues may happen). Basically the situation is that I have an SE/30 that I need to recap but I want to see if this Classic II logic board will work in it while I
  4. Thanks techknight, I found the wiki.86kmla.org page regarding the capacitors for the logic board. Is there a similar placer to find the capacitors for the analog board? Also any advice on where to buy or what else I should be reading? This is my first attempt at this type of repair. Also do you think I can try out the Classic II logic board in a working SE or SE/30 case?
  5. Howdy all. I am trying to revive this Mac. Things I have done so far. Removed ROMs and memory. Put in dishwasher. Put everything back. Same issue. Please see video for flickering issue. I don’t know if the logic board works. Can I place the classic ii logic board into the case/monitor of an SE/30? I am not going to swap analogue board. I am afraid to touch all that CRR stuff. Thanks in advance! Jim
  6. Howdy. This is my 1st post, yay! I am new to soldering and I have never ordered cpacitos before. Does anyone have an idiot proof list of caps I can order. I want the tantalum ones and I just acquired an SE,SE/30 and Classic ii (might have another SE on the way). So far only one SE works but I might as well order the caps now. Thanks in advance, Jim
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