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  1. I was given a P75 for free from an eBay seller I had bought stuff from before. It has a wonky screen with a broken/loose hinge and that led to the display sometimes working and sometimes not. The main problem is that thanks to IBM's poor design, the weird Alps floppy drive is not protected from dust ingress and most P75s have that drive seizing up sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, it is a unique design with an integrated power cum data ribbon and only to be found on this and the PS/2 55SX desktop. You can cobble together a cable tapping the power from elsewhere so that you can use any g
  2. I have a multi-partitioned 160GB PATA drive in my Pismo and it only sees the first 128GB. If you want to see more, you need to install the HiCap ATA drivers but you should not extend any bootable volumes past 128GB regardless. The extra few GBs are only good for data storage.
  3. It sounds as if you are sliding the logic board through the grooves from the top all the way down. Don't do that. Attach the speaker cable to the logic board first. Then, with the reverse of the logic board facing you and the rear port connectors facing upwards, slot the left side in to its groove an inch or two up from all the way in. You will see the right side of the logic board is notched into tabs and the tabs should align with gaps in the right hand groove. If not, slide the logic board gently up or down the left groove until the tabs on the right hand side align with the gaps and then m
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